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Posted by Steven (Thailand) on 06/19/2014

Hi Ted, my friend is in stage 3 cervical cancer and doctors are suggesting she cut out get womb, hysterectomy. Can she put dmso into her vagina like an enema? She is about to start drinking MMS and DMSO for detox. Kind regards, Steven

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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First off she could remove them to buy time or changing the diets. The sugar but especially the fructose found in fruits and honey is causing the growth or excessive bleeding. More dangerous is ribose and aspartame. Common dose of DMSO is in a glass of water at 20 to 30 drops and maybe three to four times a day. If used as an enema it must not irritate the skin by diluting with water. But DMSO alone wont work as well. Ammonium molybdate 10% is mixed in solution maybe 30 to 60 drops may help. To take DMSO orally is usually 20 to 30 drops first in glass of water. To use MMS with little side effect mix in taurine at half teaspoon of taurine in a glass of water. Allow solution to mix by stirring for 10 minutes and allow additional reaction to finish an additional 20 minutes.?

If will really help if you used brewers yeast powder 1 tablespoon taken 3 times a day and mixed brewer yeast with DMSO at 5 percent to 10 percent concentration of the enema solution or better used beta glucan from Saccharomyces cervisae at similar concentration. DMSO and beta glucan works way better both orally and as enema for sure. There are more but getting supplies is the problem. This should be easy formula for now. Also selenium 600 mcg and zinc EDTA or zinc acetate or zinc gluconate should help further. The most common deficiencies I have seen is zinc and lysine deficiency in cases like these. Ted

Replied by Elizabeth
New York

I would not take anything associated with yeast (DMSO would carry the yeast to all your cells), saccaromyceas (same thing), or EDTA (may be toxic). please research why.