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Need Help W/ Cervical Dysplasia Iii

Posted by Grace (Perth, Australia) on 08/06/2011

Dear Ted,

Pleaase I need help battling the HVP as now its turned into dysplasia III. The dr told me I need to have a hysterectomy and I know I can beat this but ive tried, H2O2 and its not working.

Im also taking 10mg folic acid and 1000mg B12 plus brewers yeast and little meat with mostly vegetables, some from my own garden too. I also take spirulina and chlorella for chlorophyll and olive leaf extract with a probiotic from papaya and pomegranate, as well as a tbls of beepollen for mywhite cells which it has helped alot.

What am I doing wrong how can I stop it and reverse it before it turns to cancer. Have only just started the vitC 3 times per day yesterday. Am also drinking marigold tea with rosehip and echinacea.

Please help me im desperate now.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Cervical Dyplasia III: Most important is DHEA 25 mg, broccoli, aloe vera gel topically applied. The others you are doing is just fine. Selenium 200 mcg x 2, and zinc gluconate 25 mg is the other.

Sorry for short email, limited time.

Replied by Grace
Perth, Australia

Dear Ted,

Thank you so much for replying to my questions.

At present am taking everything that you mentioned except for selenium, Vit E, and zinc and DHEA, which I need a prescription for over here in Aus.

Have been taking lysine 1000x4 and VitC 2000x4 so will cut that back. Also taking inositol before meals with the lysine and 3 weeks ago started MSM and lugols, now up to 8dropsx4 day.

Already been doing aloevera fresh from the garden with DMSO around the pubic area but the skin still gets irritated. Should I look into making my own aloe oil?

Already been taking folic acid at 10mg and VitB12 1000mcg.

If I can get DHEA is the 25mg 1xday or more?

Still juicing in the morning with carrot, beetroot, brocolli leaves, cabbage leaves, parsely all from my own garden.

Can I eat things like brewers yeast, linseeds, nuts, cause I been eating these, the nuts are almond and brazil nut for selenium, I dont eat peanuts at all.

Can I meat some meat, I eat liver when I feel drained and some chicken and eggs.

Also eat lots of mung beans done in soup with vegies and sprouted mung beans and alfalfa with brocolli sprouts. Is there anything else I shoulnt be eating while im doing all this??

Again thankyou so much for your time and its truly wonderful how you help people.

Replied by Grace
Perth, Australia

Hi Ted, I have been using the glucose meter everyday now and i had to remove lemon juice but apple cider seems to be fine.
Have received all of my supplements now except for DHEA which i am waiting for the company to get new stock over here in Aus. Did you say in previous email that lactose was ok for the DHEA because it might be the only one i can get here????

When do i take all the other supplements eg DIM and Chromium to get the best out of them because they say to take with a meal? How much DIM should i be taking, since Wednesday when i received it have been taking 2 caps per day with meals, its 100mg. Everything else i take on an empty stomach except for the folic acid or should i take this on empty stomach too???

my glucose levels change each day even if i eat exactly the same foods but overall its coming down as i discover what foods make it increase. One say i managed to keep it under 5mmol for the whole day but its hard doing this. I also put cinnamon in my food each meal now too.

Also when is best to take lecithin to make the most of that too as i find that lowers my glucose level too???

Overall am feeling alot better, and even people are noticing that i look alot healthier as my colour has returned in my face, but not sure if its doing what i want it all to do."

11/12/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "No lactose in not helpful.
DHEA is good but is not available in Australia.
DIM is fine, 100 or 200 mg.
Chromium and Cinnamon really get the blood sugar down but also Lecithin.
Most of mentioned supplements are best taken on empty stomach. Preferably before meals, say at least 15 minutes before eating.

Many of the things you're taking basically go up and down even if you eat the same thing as some of it such as bitter melon for example is known to decrease blood sugar, but what is not mentioned is a lot of natural products that is known to lower blood sugar are TEMPORARILY LOW and then it stops working. The only one I am absolutely sure is chromium and somewhat certain is cinnamon extract, and vanadium. These three are the most reliable, if you found some others tell me! As for granulated lecithin that is more fitted for long term consumption that results in lower blood sugar from its ability to emulsify fats, thereby fats don't block the biological processes of breaking down sugar more easily.

As far as your skin color at least most of the effects comes from the lysine. As for hair color, that is tricky, but lysine plays a small part. But mostly the hair color gets restored from lecithin, B50, B3 niacinamide and vitamin C based on my experience.

As far as doing what you wanted, then we have to be specific on that!


Replied by Grace
Perth, Australia

Hi Ted, Have found that MSM helps lower blood sugar too. As for what i want it all to do is the lesion on the cervix but i dont think anything is working because its still there.

Am taking 400mg day of DIM and all other supplements as well as lugols 10 drops 4Xday. Am using magnesium oil to get my DHEA levels up as i cant get the DHEA here in Australia. Still depressed as i dont think anything is working but could be too early to tell i dont know. but looks like the operation will be coming as im running out of time.

Other than the lesion im feeing great though, better than ever, but worried what will happen now. Has been about 6 weeks since i started all supplements properly do i need to give it more time?"

11/28/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "It is caused by a cancerous growth due to a papilloma virus, the things you are taking help, but it needs to be applied topically or it won't work as well. For instance, green tea extract, DIM, must be applied to the area. Selenium yeast 200 mcg x 2, vitamin A 25000 iu x4, and DHEA must be applied intravaginally and aloe vera oil is also applied. Zinc acetate is taken also and applied intravaginally too, so we are talking about topical applications for a lot of things. Folic acid is taken at 5 mg. Try that first. Blood sugar must be normal 80 to 90 mg/dL, from the look of things it appears not so, so take vanadyl sulfate 5 mg, if it is still not normal may take more until it does, such as 5 mg x 2 or 5 mg x 3.

And take plenty of vitamin C, preferably 500 mg x 6 first.