Bladder Infection Help Needed Paraplegic with Foley Catheter

Posted by K. on 05/17/2008

Hi Ted! I have read your info on acv and sea salt and I am going to definitely try it!! I do have a guestion---I am a paraplegic and have a foley catheter. I was wondering if you have any advice for me ? I had uti and bladder infec. before my accident, because I do NOT drink enough water--never have and still do not! Thanks for any information and God Bless!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Yes. The common source of infection in a urinary tract infection comes from the use of foley catheter. Therefore the best remedies is just to add some sea salt in most drinking water, except when there is a urinary tract infection that I am forced to take more sea salt but at only one dose. Such as one teaspoon per glass of water. Other supplements such as mannose (found in cranberry juice) are often synergistic with the remedy. Xylitol is a possible substitute.

For a paraplegic it is very important for me at least NOT to take any foods that damages the brain with aspartame or monosodium glutamate. The MSG food industries are smart enough to hide it under various names as hydrolyzed protein, yeast extract, potassium glutamate, and other names. Aspartic acid should be minmized and are hidden in supplements.

It's usually ideally best to avoid processed food altogether if possible. The excitotoxins that I found most dangerous for me that lead to deafness and macular degeneration with me in the past aspartame and are hidden in many children's multivitamins (one that came to mind was Flintstone's vitamins), and many pharmaaceuticals where they are often added in many "effervescent tablets"

To help some recovery, I think baking soda 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water taken either twice or two times a day and some improvement should be noted on the third or fourth week in terms of neurological problems. Basically spinal cords are much slower to heal than it is the brain, from accident of course.

I have recently had a friend, a Ph.D. scholar who got some robbers stole her purse while riding on a bike at Hyderabad India, and in the process of pushing her down, her head landed on concrete. While most MRI scans don't detect tissue changes, the metabolic conditions of the brain does changed through a SPECT scan. The recover was quick when there's an accident usually from vitamin E (to prevent blood clots which is often clots the brain) and the most important ones that helps paraplegic condition, as well as brain fog is vitamin C sodium ascorbate, hydergine and piracetam (the 800 mg kind). The hydergine and piracetam is often taken once every two days, but during accident it is taken for 4 days straight, before there's a gradual decrease in improvement. If this is continued on the 7th day, then there is a negative improvement. Hence, the hydergine and piracetam is not taken beyond 4 day rule. But on maintenance dose it's taken about once every two days. This should help
the most.

Granulated lecithin 2 tablespoon a day, usually before meals will help the brain produced myelin, but it should be noted that aspartame (sweet n' low) and hidden in processed food will damage them leading to worsening of conditions, such as found in Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, but also many diet products, even in yogurt. Tomatoes has methanol attached to the pectin, although much less toxic than diet products, I would avoid also from possible neural problems.

While the baking soda is not a perfect formula for alkalizing the brain, it does the job in the long run, but a more immediate effect in alkalizing the brain and this can be noticed the change (cooling down of the brain - as noticed by our feelings for thought processes) is the use of what scientist called the "carbicarb" formula which is nothing more than sodium carbonate 50%(washing soda) plus 50% baking soda. My remedy uses 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of sodium carboante, in 1/2 glass of water taken usually twice a day.

A drinking water should regularly add sea salt at least 1/4 teaspoon per liter of drinking water so that the salinity of the bladder will increase. The PROBLEM about drinking just PLAIN water is that it lacks salinity and when salinity is down, the bladder gets infected much easier, such as Urinary Tract Infection. Many people don't know and thought drinking more water is healthy. Yes it is, at least it solves dehydration, but it creates another problem on a large scale popularity: the unexplained urinary tract infection. It took me more than two years to figure out until one day I had them myself and tried the "usual" conventional medicine and other things which obviously didn't work at all and decided to try my old idea of sea salt that was up in my shelves of things I like to do, if I am sick, which was sea salt remedy. It worked within minutes the pain stopped and only one single dose was sufficient. Refusing to believe it I tested on my sister, than another British
gentleman, and a couple of more Australians which turns out to work quite consistently well, with exception of one tough case that required cranberry juice and sea salt.

Therefore as a prevention, a seal salt should be usually added and if the water is TOO SALTY, regardless of how less sea salt was added, it indicates there is EXCESS heavy metals in the drinking water. Excess heavy metals is not helpful as it prevent brain cells from healing and if that happens, I will drinking Reverse Osmosis water with ADDED sea salt (any brands is fine with me, Celtic, Dead Sea, Himalayan). I just used a local Thai sea salt was fine with me. Also if long term drinking, of water I find later that it is heavy metals, then it is best that I take chelation, using chlorella/ spirulina once every two days, or cilantro once every two or three days, of a modest amount. A cilantro, such as a teaspoon of it eaten fresh and directly is preferable.

The other that is important is the omega 3, which in United States have a 20 to 1 ratio on omega 6 to omega 3, but ideally it should be 2: 1 or 1:1. Its the Japanese (with longest lifespan) who has omega 3 close to the optimum, but also Magnesium supplements is also needed, to help with muscle pain and muscle tightness which often accompanies accident victims, which sometimes causes poor posture. Actually it was the result of the accident trauma, that causes muscles to be stiff that lead to poor posture after the accident. So Magnesium gluconate 250- 500 mg a day should within a month helped along with baking soda to the condition of less muscle pain and bad nightmares which often occurs in some people. It takes about a month of magnesium to notice improvements in muscle pain and posture.

Therefore omega 3 or fish oil, (new bottles, never near expiry date!), is taken at least once a day is what I would do to normalize the Omega 6 and Omega 3 to a more reasonable ratio.

In some conditions of accident (assuming there was a brain trauma), then astenia might result from such a condition. Astenia, I have managed to cure just taking baking soda, but also reducing the amount of fruits intake. At the time one person had astenia was simply taking too much fruits. Fruits are o.k and healthy but fruit juices and taking too frequently is not because of the fructose which tends to glycate the proteins and also leads to insulin insensitivity. Manufacturers make it worse by adding "corn syrup" "fructose", "maltodextrin" and its not helpful. Neither is hotdogs and bologna, which contains peroxynitrate which kills off the brain cells and slow down the recovery, and they are found in large amounts from smoked products, cured meats, and dried meats. Fish and chicken, especially fish along with some complex carbohydrate (brown rice), but never wheat, can be eaten, since wheat seems to cause precipitous rise in blood pressure and cranial blood pressure
especially which aggravates the condition. Wheat are acid forming food, so rice are often used as substitute for grain products. As to some amino acid supplements to speed up healing, there are two that I think is most helpful for accident victims:

Amino acid supplements.
Whey protein (2- 4 tablespoon) only in the morning.

Those help with general healing, and deep massage and other physical therapies also help, but only in areas where there is muscle tightening. The use of cat's purr sound are quite useful too in general healing especially from bones and muscle problems. I played it and it helped stopped my long term neck pain and other things when supplements aren't working.

Replied by Michael
W.frankfort, Illinois

I've been a para now going on 25 yrs. Now. I've had my share of utis. Started from the old clean cath method. After being on penicillin, cipro, and bactim ds over the years they'd go away for awhile and come back again. My guess is that you become immuned to the antibiotics over time and then started to use a roll on or condom cath in between cathing every 4 hrs. I tried the texas cath and had trouble with them blowing off and found that the freedom cath which has a glue type substance worked better, then i'd disconnect the leg bag, or night bag and run the straight cath through the hole in the roll on cath to drain my bladder and reconnect the freedom cath only later to find out that when you void, your penis contracts like a turtle hiding his head in its shell, so I found a thing called a posey strap which has velco around a foam strecthable strap which are washable and reusable for about 3 to 4 wks.

After years of this, I was married to an unfaithful wife and was worried about catching a disease so I went to a foley cath to avoid having sex with her. I noticed that I started to get more utis and took the meds and they'd go away and come back weeks to months later and the pain got worse as time went by. So I talked to my Dr. And he prescibed me one 50m. G. A day of pyridium for the pain. Your urine will turn from dark red to lighter as the day goes by and it starts to work within an hour. After 9 years I went back to straight cathing again but the ditropan dryed my mouth out so bad that I couldn't take it anymore and switched to vesicare.

Yrs. later I had such a bad bladder infection and no one seemed to find a cure so I went back to the foley cath. I ended up moving to Miss. and a specialist found out that I had a staph infection in my bladder so he sent me to the hospital to get a shot of rociperin 500m. G. once a day in my buttocks for 10 days at the same time daily, done at the local hospital and it was gone. Then the Dr. Put me on Macrobid 50m. G. once daily and the infections stayed away and I went back to straight cathing again and back to having just one sexual partner again after my divorce. Now I'm back in Illinois and they(medicare and/or medicaid will not pay for Macrobid(a. K. A. )Nitroflurunate that I've had to go back to the foley cath after being off it so long cause another untreatable infection and even though I can't feel my penis every man out there doesn't feel good about just having to use your tongue or fingers cause you feel insecure that your partner will go elsewhere. I'm seeing another specialist in 2 months and will keep you or whoever is interested up-dated.

All I know for sure is that if you change your foley cath twice a month instead of once a month that illinois won't pay for 2 a month only one, greatly reduces your chances of infections period. I know from experience over the years. I'm a t-10 complete and had 4 bone splinters go in my spinal cord and also had my t-9, and t-11 fractured as well.