Side Effects of a Urinary Tract Infection

Posted by J (UK) on 02/07/2013

Dear Ted, I live in such an inhumane condition and suffer unbearable pain. I've had many UTIs since 2005. I was given massive doses of antibiotics, suffered C diff, went into abrupt menopause and suffered atrophic vaginitis. My doctor made me use creams that I was allergic to on my genitalia. It was discovered too late that the creams ruined my stratum corneum. My genital skin is so thin and atrophic, it cannot tolerate anything on it, and so I now cannot use HRT. I can't sit or do normal activities, so I am hoping that a plastic surgeon will be able to help with the skin. I have used H202 and Borax for the last few years to stop the UTI's. Unfortunately, I have just suffered a really bad one. Even 2 tsps of salt, H0202, lemon/sodium bicarbonate would not stop it. I eventually had to take Trimethoprim. The pain is something that I cannot tolerate any more. My vulval skin is inflamed every day, so I must prevent all infections.

The C diff bouts left me with allergies to penicillin, sulphites, balsam of Peru, nickel and lactose intolerant. I was told on 4 occasions to hold an antibiotic powder in my bladder for hours, which eventually ruined the lining. I then got small polyps which they treated as cancer. Cancer has been gone for 4 years but I still get UTIs, mainly E coli (once got resistant E coli). I am going to use one of your remedies that helped a woman who suffered for 20 years. This is what I think you want me to do:

  • For 3 months - Take 1000mg Lysine powder every hour 4 x day - Do I take it 4 x a day, every day for 3 months?
  • Every day - Take Ascorbic Acid with last meal of day BUT how much should I take?
  • Every day - I drink 2 litres of water with ½ teaspoon of sea salt. Have to drink so much because I get a lot of debris that I have to clear. My urologist said I must drink between 2-3 litres a day to clear it. I could drink another litre of water with a 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt if you think a total of ¾ teaspoon of sea salt/day is safe and won't dehydrate me.

I am trying to locate beta sitosterol 25 mg but I can only find higher doses. Can I use a higher dose? I don't think I could use any aloe vera oil because of my sulphite allergies.

I take magnesium chloride (50-50 solution) with meals. How many drops should I take? Should I just change to Mg citrate 250 mg a day because of my sodium intake? Also, would 250mg be too much if I am only getting 300mg of calcium a day? I'm 56 yrs old, postmenopausal and extremely skinny. There is osteoporosis in my family, so because I am lactose intolerant I take 300mg calcium carbonate with 1000 iu Vit D/day.

I live on vegetables, NO fruit except for the occasional apple or kiwi, brown rice, NO dairy, potatoes, sunflower oil (in cooking), extra virgin olive oil (in cooking), creamed coconut and coconut oil for fat, Brazil nuts (8 nuts 2 x a day), all meats and take digestive enzymes with each meal. I cannot tolerate any sugar. My system is so bad; I am trying to arrange faecal transplants to help reboot my system. The sulphite allergies cause diet choice problems and so I cannot put on any weight. I cannot risk diarrhoea or loose motions because it inflames my genital skin. I only ever drink salt water or water from cooked vegetables. I was told that I can only drink the salt water on an empty stomach - is this true? At the moment I've stopped drinking Borax for fear of loose motions and I now only inhale H202. Do you think it would be good to take Boron in the form of boric acid tablets, 3mg a day?

This is my last year of survival. I desperately want to live, but I cannot stand the inflammation and pain on my genital skin anymore. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It is a well known fact that the cause of a sulfite allergy is a molybdenum deficiency. The supplement I use in Thailand is sodium molybdate, at 10 to 100 mg a day for only a week or two.

Most allergies come from milk products, particularly cheeses, which contain the amino acid tyramine that causes all kinds of allergies. Actually all vegetables oils should be avoided as they are trans fats. The best form of alkalization before sleep to get your pH up to 7 has always been sodium citrate and potassium citrate, but if these cannot be found then sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate, or potassium carbonate. At night you can take 1/4 teaspoon sodium citrate and 1/8 teaspoon of potassium citrate, as being more favorable to pH balance.

Other common allergies derive from wheat products, and the simplest remedy is to consume grains like rice instead. In fact the secret to Asians not being overweight--and that is after a decade long study as to why--is actually simple, avoiding wheat products, sweets and fats (especially trans fat). These alone are mostly responsible for a lot of health issues.

The one thing that often leads to any chronic conditions, and this I have found in a majority of clients (about 80%), is the lack of stomach acid. And the best treatment for now is hydrochloric acid taken throughout the day, especially before and during meals. The hydrochloric acid I prefer is 30% to 35% concentrated Hydrochloric acid, 4 drops per 250 cc of water. (I believe the maximum is around 6 drops per 250 cc). The reason why stomach acid is so important is pathogens are introduced that way, in the digestive tract where if there is insufficient protection from stomach acids, this would cause havoc in the entire system. If people avoid beef broth, glycine and gelatin, this will cause havoc in the digestive system too, see if this is true. When was the last time you are gelatin, beef broth, or some high glycine foods such as seaweed? Others are crustaceans and ostrich meats (it actually tastes better then beef steaks). If the person with chronic conditions has sufficient stomach acids, then the cause of these conditions is always a circulation issue, common ones are both the blood viscosity and cholesterol being very high.

The best oil I always mention to my clients has always been coconut oil for a chronically ill patient, but vegetable oil (which are trans fat) and olive oil cannot be consumed. Coconut oil is always easy to digest, helps constipation and removes toxins in this way.

The one thing that is most important, and I know this from Edgar Cayce from the early 1900s, is the elimination system or constipation. If you are constipated, remedying that condition is the most important thing you can do for yourself. If you are constipated the cures that have helped are vitamin B6 taken with every meal, Hydrochloric acid taken with every meal, and plenty of water.

Calcium carbonate helps short term problems, but I don't use this supplement often as it leads to long term constipation, urinary difficulties, stones, cancer and in fact I can get anybody's low calcium level to normal just by alkalization such as baking soda 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of water, taken at night.

I usually used low dose beta sitosterol because anything more is too much for the body to handle, maybe 100 mg is my maximum.

There are two things to help rid of genital inflammation the simplest is your urine applied to inflammation about 10 minutes, the urea content in urine helps dissolve the allergens. The other I might try is a sodium thiosulfate solution of any concentration applied to the genital area for about 10 minutes.

I was told that I can only drink the salt water on an empty stomach - is this true?

No not true. It can be taken anytime.

At the moment I've stopped drinking Borax for fear of loose motions and I now only inhale H202.

If you are experiencing loose bowel movements then you are taking too much borax. Lower the dose by 1/2. Diarrhea is an osmolyte imbalance, as a result of taurine and betaine deficiency. Betaine is found in high amounts in beets. Also consider trimethylglycine. And quite possibly your homocysteine is about 10, the ideal homocysteine for me is 6 to 8. If you are having breathing difficulty try ammonium chloride. With a 10% solution spray the room and breath this in, as this may help too. Usually most lung conditions are due to fungus or molds, and the best natural remedy is an ammonium chloride and urea solution of similar concentrations.

These complementary and alternative medicine therapies will not resolve all your problems, but will resolve a majority of the problem. Most men are deficient in zinc, and most women are too in chronic conditions, and most are deficient in lysine and glycine if chronically ill, besides having a B6 and Hydrochloric acid deficiency.


Replied by Judy_aus

Hi Ted,

just a question in regards to genital inflammation. You wrote the simplest is your urine applied to inflammation about 10 minutes, the urea content in urine helps dissolve the allergens.

How do you apply the urine? Sit in it for 10 minutes? Doesn't urine get full of bacteria once it reacts with oxygen?

Thank you.

Replied by D

To J (UK) : YOU ARE CLEARLY SUFFERING FROM SELENIUM POISONING!!! STOP EATING THE BRAZIL NUTS IMMEDIATELY!! Brazil nuts are the world's most potent source of dietary selenium, which is very important to our health, but 1-2 nuts per day is considered the safe limit if you're going to eat them long-term. YOU ARE CONSUMING 8 TIMES THE SAFE LIMIT! An excess of selenium causes severe irritation to the mucus membranes (hence the inflamed genital skin), weight loss since it messes with your thyroid, diarrhea, nausea, coughing, and eventually hair & nail loss, often mimicking the symptoms of radiation poisoning. I hope there is some chance that you are still alive and that you receive this information.