Kidney Infection

Posted by T (Oklahoma ) on 09/29/2007

Hi TedThanks for your response.....since sending my original email several days ago, my kidney infection is almost gone. I bought some apple-cranberry juice a couple of days ago, as well as, have been drinking a lot of water. I also bought some ACV because I keep seeing it mentioned so much have taken 2 tablespoons per day for the last 3 days. It could be my imagination, but I feel better all the way around since doing so. I take it that ACV is good for just about everything. I welcome any thoughts or ideas you might have.Thanks again

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Tom:My relative's kidney infection was stopped in a matterof 3 days (the doctor actually wanted to remove it)after suffering for almost a year and it stopped bytaking about 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glassof water twice a day.

The kidney infection occurs when the urine pH is acid,causing the kidney to digest itself much like stomachacid digesting food. And when the kidney tissues aredamage from acidic medium, the bacteria overtakes thekidney. Hence, alkaline baking soda reduces serumcalcium and bacteria needs a lot of calcium to grow. Asimple apple cider vinegar could help too but over theshort run, it will cause the body to become alkaline when it reacts with the body's available bicarbonate.A longer term solution of baking soda works better inthe long run. Bacteria usually don't grow in analkaline medium. The cranberry and sea salt has morepowerful antibiotics potential, but I believe raisingthe alkalinity first then kill it is a better waytowards kidney recovery, again, that's from my ownexperience.