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Scents, Migraines and Heart Flutters

Posted by Tina on 10/12/2007

Dear Ted, Thank you for the quick response. I could be very sensitive to scents. Some perfume can immediately cause a migraine. I will continue to track this. I will also try the iodine. I started taking magnesium citrate and calcium citrate years ago, (helps me sleep when taken before bed and made a remarkable improvement in sciatic pain). I had my surgeon ask me upon my last biopsy if I had ever been told I had a heart murmur. I said no, but did feel a funny flutter sometimes. So I researched and dropped the calcium and increased the mag citrate, probably around 600-750 mg per day. I did start the lime/baking soda and water a few weeks ago. My husband and I are also enjoying the sprinkle of cayenne pepper in our coffee in the mornings. That blew our minds!! It takes great! He takes the ACV and Baking soda when he thinks of it. I have in the past use oral chelation as EDTA. Cardio renew is the brand. I followed the program very closely the first time and had pretty good results. Upon the 2nd day I had severe ear itching and seemed to be able to hear better. I should try this again. Thank you so much.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If the conditions of sensitivity is not due to environmental, which is most common. There are other forms that can induce hyperosmia. A sinus problem, a nose infections, can really lead to a condition as such. In one example, an ear infection lead to an extreme sound sensitivity, while a sinus infection or in another case a nerve damage can lead to hyperosmia. In another instance, a drug side effect from methotrexate lead to hyperosmia. Of course, a deficiency in zinc and carnosine can lead to anosmia, or lacking of smell. But one interesting side effect is the taking zinc supplements can reduce hyperosmia. People who use zinc added to the sinus that lead to anosmia due to overuse, may also be linked. In another case, excess heavy metals, sometimes from use of certain high heavy metal medication, can cause the body to be on hyperosmia. One indirect references of a person with extreme sensitivity to sound from an unrecognized or undiagnosed ear infection, where the use of hydrogen peroxide 0.5%-1% concentration inhalant from humidifier or aerosols were use resolved the ear infection that stopped the sound sensitivity. It is the same with sinus problem too. Hence, there are couple of other things I might consider to try separately to resolve hyperosmia,which are zinc supplements (usually 50 mg dose), L-carnosine (usually 1000 mg dose), hydrogen peroxide drops (3 drops per glass plus 1/4 teaspoon baking soda, in the morning or other similar remedies), and chlorella (to reduce the heavy metals). As to cayenne peppers added to coffee, those can really pick up a lot of energy, both from the caffeine and the caffeine's effect. Thank you for your input of magnesium for sciatica, my own findings for muscle pain, tissue damage, cataract were due to excesses in the dangerous use of calcium. My own relative had a 10 year muscle pain because she took calcium supplements and milk powder. Upon discontinue (she hardly listened to me anyway) due to budget problems, all the muscle pain just went within only a week. It should be noted that a lot of medical advice goes usually in direct contradiction with with research findings and my own observations, such as the issue of calcium, that I suspect, as if it was either intentionally done by design, or extremely incompetent.