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Cast Iron Cookware

Posted by Tina on 10/14/2007

Wow Ted! Thank you for the info reguarding the heart. I have used cast iron cookware my entire life. Some of it is cast enamel, but I have always used cast iron. I read some where of a "pesto" made with cilantro and almonds with Extra virgin olive oil. The specific ingredient would clean out heavy metals from the body.. (I made some it is wonderful, tho I can't remember where I read this) Will cilantro help? You have given me quite a lot of information to use, and I am sooooo happy. I work in the medical profession, as an MRI technologist. I have seen too many "screw ups" to go to a medical Doctor. :) Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A glass cookware is the safest, or the ancient Indian's use of clay pottery is quite safe. Iron accumulates quite badly in the heart with cast iron cookware. Hence, a cilantro is of some help (not much), but not much. Tannin rich foods, pomegranate, green tea (no sugar no milk) is a strong chelator of iron. Chlorella maybe helpful too, but my personal opinions appear to be the green tea and pomegranate. Oral EDTA maybe of some help, provided that a 250 mg capsule is dissolved in an entire liter of drinking water. The absorption of EDTA will increase enormously to remove some free metal iron. It's best to use non metallic, non teflon cookware, in particular, glass and clay cookware if at all possible.

P.S. The entire field of free radicals and aging, and the most well accepted scientifically comes from Dr. Denham Harman and is well respected in the scientific circles based on the aging caused by free metal iron which generates free hydroxyl radicals, the worse of the free radical that causes heart attacks and aging. This is a well studied phenomenon that I studied waaaaayy back during by first year chemistry student in U.S. concerning Fenton Reaction, where a free metal irons causes the rapid decay or oxidation of the resulting foods and other process. One typical high school project concerning studies on antioxidant involved putting iron fillings in a vegetable oil and heat them to test how fast a vegetable oils go rancid. Basically a free metal iron accumulates throughout the life but it especially accumulates in the heart. A woman has the advantage of menstruation which prevents the accumulation of the free metal iron to some extent. Men have a higher incidence than woman on heart attack on this reason. What is very interesting is the incidence in heart disease of men and woman are about equal only AFTER a woman stops menstruation. It is this reason why green tea, which are actually tannic acid or sometimes called tannins, that we use iron and tannic acid to make black ink. The tannins are the best known to tightly bind to these free metal iron and hence it is this reason, among many why it protect against heart disease.

Imagine a constant generation of free metal iron throughout your life and the body constantly accumulates it, this is the basis of the free radical theory of aging that is most well accepted. The media however have distorted to people to give the impression that it is the free radical oxygen that causes aging, however, the body has mechanisms already in place that protects that plus one of the most dangerous of the free radicals, if you please read up on biochemistry is the free radical hydroxyl rather than free radical oxygen, by many times. And hence it is why reducing free radical iron is so important, as well as other heavy metals. Once the free radical hydroxyl is created, it attacks everything, from healthy cells and tissues. But in a vegetable oils and foods, it causes rancidity and spoilage by way of oxidation. It is this reason why woman who use blushes, which contains iron oxide, which causes their skin to age prematurely. Iron is one I think, an important factor in aging.