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Smelling Smoke

Posted by Tina on 10/14/2007

Good afternoon. I appreciate the info from everyone on earth clinic. I have a question... I smell smoke when there is none. I began to notice this almost 2 years ago. At first it was constant, then I began to notice it for a few days at a time. I wonder if it could be hormonal. I am 47 and had a partial hysterectomy 8 years ago. I still have the (3) day migraine that coincides with what should be the start of my periods, and the smoke smell seems to start about 3 days later than that, lasting for about 5 days or so. Could this be a symptom of perimenopause? It can be very annoying at the least and can make it difficult to sleep when you think the house in on fire! Also, I have very fibrocystic breasts. I have had 5 biopsies (6 if you count the one they put in a needle and then could not find the "tumor" so the took out the needle after 3 mammogram films.) Is there anything I can do to reduce the radiologists recommending the biopsies? Surely there is a diet or homeopathic remedy I can try. One surgeon recommended breast reduction, but I believe the scar tissue would be difficult to contend with on the mammo's after that. Thanks, I do enjoy your comments.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Tina: The body might be extremely sensitive to certain trace odor, that is below detection from some people. I have not yet found out the cause. What I do know, and I do experience this plenty of times when other people tell me there is no smoke smell, but I insist there is. The simple remedy for me was simply to change the room. It would seem that the electronic appliances, especially the computer and sometimes a television, if it happens to be in your bed room, than a constant smell of smoke appears. The pc boards seems to have certain chemical toxins which may cause the body's over reactive smelling threshold causing to be extreme sensitivity. Hence, a simple remedy is to remove the computer and electronics devices from the room, or another simpler method is to see what happens when you do change rooms. At least for me, this works everytime, whenever I smell this undetectable smoke.

Iodine supplements (such as kelp), iodine foot painting, using 5 drops of iodine as a mouthwash in the morning, once a day, have been the common remedy used for fibrocystic problems. Usually the kelp iodine supplements can be taken once or twice a day, but it needs to be taken for only 5 days out of a week. I have always have this 8 day side effect if it is taken continuously, hence a 5 day dose, with two day rest, whether it be an iodine supplements, iodine foot painting, or even a mouthwash is used. I have also read somewhere that, a high heavy metals in the blood such as cerium (a heavy metal), can lead to the body's increase in calcium, leading to fibrocystic issue.

However there's a catch: the body must also be low in magnesium to be begin with. Hence a second possible remedy against such problem is 250 mg of magnesium citrate (no calcium!) is taken 5 days out of a week, at the very least, it should reduce the spread of the problem so that it might give a chance for the body to heal itself. Still, the body needs to be in alkalinity and some baking soda is needed. Such as a minimum of 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken on an empty stomach twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Most people tend to take it 1/2 teaspoon twice a day, once the body shows that the urinary pH is not yet close to 7, and hence more dose is needed there. The body generally heals itself whenever the body is properly alkalized. This tends to cause the blood serum to increase oxygen, and reduce the stickiness of the blood cells, giving a chance for the body to heal itself. It should be noted that weakly alkaline solutions are slightly soapy and acts as somewhat of a surfactant, which helps the body to increase microcirculation where it matters most, in preventing fibrocystic through microcapillary repairs.