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Colon Cancer W/ Stent in Biliary Duct

Posted by LT (Anonymous) on 03/28/2012
Hi Ted, My dad recently had a stent put in the billiary duct due to tumor blockage. His eyes were yellow and his skin. That was done on 3/6/2012. He is doing better. Yellow is gone. WBC count going down. CEA level at 130. His alkaline phophate is up to 703 that was on 3/14/2012. We will be rechecking blood work this week.

I see that his tumors have increases on his spleen and liver. But he was taking in sugar. I have completely stopped his sugar intake. He is on B17, Essiac Tea, Vitamin C for nausea and applying DMSo with cesium on external skin.

On B50. Is thier anything else i can do. He is walking and has little appetite. Can i give him iron daily solution since he was low in iron at hospital. I have not given Lugols Iodine. Should i give him that daily. Please advice when you have time. His liver enzymes were last bloodwork done 3/14/2012: bilirubin indirect 2.6, bilirubin direct 4.1, bilirubin total 6.7 first was at 11.7 then 7.5 now 6.7

Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand
Supplementing with B50 complex and Betaine HCl with every meal should help him.


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