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Epsom Salt As Source?

Posted by C (Arizona) on 12/24/2007

Can anybody tell me if Epson salt would be a good supplement form of magnesium for the body. If not can it easily be converted into a more beneficial form. The ingredients are 9.28% magnesium and 12.98% sulfur. Its otherwise referred to as magnesium sulfate. I was thinking that I possibly could mix one cup Epsom salt to one cup water and then heat it up and then let it cool off. Then maybe I could store it in the refrigerator for use. I'm basically looking for a cheap way to get my magnesium

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I prefer the magnesium citrate, rather than epsom salt if taken internally, as the citrate form modifies the body's pH too and the citrate also help to detoxify the calcium buildup inside the cells, which is can kill cells pretty quickly, while giving more energy to those who take it. I don't like the epsom salt because of its inability to alkalize the person as effectively as the citrate form. Normally I used epsom salt for external application against skin problem. However, a more superior form for skin rashes I used, and I sometimes cannot go without it is the well shaken bottle of Milk of Magnesia (Magnesium hydroxide, WITHOUT the aluminum). It works better than other medications I used against skin allergy and hives in most cases, except for methanol alcohol burns of the skin, in which case distilled vinegar would to the job. However, one use of epsom salt I do use is to use it to take baths, which helps detoxify the body better, because of its sulfate form, but a large amounts is used in this case.