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Posted by Ed (Thailand) on 02/25/2013

Dear Khun Parhatsathid, Ted, I have searched for suppliers for magnesium sulphate, sodium bicarbonate and sodium tetraborate (borax) in Bangkok. When Googling, your name keeps coming up (via the earth clinic website). I can see that you have helped many people.

May I ask you if you know of any suppliers where I can buy magnesium sulphate and sodium bicarbonate in big quantities? I use a cup of each in my bath water, so it is rather expensive to buy in 200g and 450g quantities. Ideally I would do such baths 5 days a week. I also use sodium bicarbonate for all cleaning. I can find sodium bicarbonate in 200 g plastic bags in most supermarket, but I think there must be bakeries buying 25 kg sacs of food grade sodium bicarbonate. I have been using the Vidhyasom magnesium sulphate, which comes in a very cute 450 g box, but if I could get a 10 or 25 kg sac of the same quality, it would be much better, as I use about 400 g in one bath.

I have found a online shop in Phuket selling sodium tetraborate, but I have not found anything in Bangkok.

And lastly, since I have bothered you so much already: Do you know a place in Bangkok selling refined coconut oil? I use coconut oil for cooking and on my skin, but the virgin type has a slightly allergenic effect (get acne). I found refined coconut oil once in Tops, which was not allergenic, but since I have not seen it anywhere.

Thank you very much. Wishing all the best.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You are wasting money that way. The magnesium sulfate is best used by applying a wet towel of the solution onto your body several times, then you wash them out after 20 or 30 minutes.

The coconut oil is not sold by most retailers due to low profit margins.

Every type of magnesium has a specific chemical reaction in the body that you need to be aware of. Sulfate, chloride, citrate, carbonate, acetate, and bicarbonate are the common ones, and there is glycinate, gluconate and all the other aminos. In biological reactions the sulfate form is needed for hormones as a carrier device such as DHEA sulfate, vitamin D sulfate, etc., but the bicarbonate and chloride are also used by human physiology. But it must be at pH neutral ideally. This is one of the least explored options. A more direct form for sulfate is sodium sulfate or potassium sulfate. To correct the imbalances of electrolytes not used in current medicine, we actually used sodium citrate, potassium citrate, or sodium bicarbonate, and chloride forms. The unique one is acetate, which helps the metabolism of the liver, upon which most of the vital functions are dependent, as well as improving pH alkalinity.

The citrate forms are mostly used as a slow chelator of heavy metals, particularly lead and arsenic, which has to be balanced with sulfate forms, otherwise metals accumulate without the citrate form. The major cancer causes in my private research are sugar, arsenic and lead, the other ones are relatively minor. Most contaminants are from our drinking water. So take baking soda and lime juice is a simple way to balance the citrate and sulfate in our body.


Replied by Ed

Dear Ted, Thank you for taking time to respond. I was not aware of the magnesium sulfate wet towel method. I will try. What I have noticed is that magnesium sulfate baths in themselves do not have a noticeable effect, but combined with sodium bicarbonate, which I understand help uptake by the skin, the effect is very noticable. It calms me down and helps with sleep. To my understanding, the mechanism is lowered adrenaline.

Yes, I believe in my case magnesium sulphate is helpful for reducing estrogen, promoting T3 synthesis in the liver, and as such reducing adrenaline.

I have seen acetate referred to as medroprogesterone acetate, sodium acetate etc. In fact, I did not think an acetate (chemical) could substitute the natural steriod hormone. My understanding is that progestin is an acetate, but it can have estrogenic effects.

Your research is very interesting. As for sugar, I believe it can be therapeutic for many. If the basic principle of life is energy at the cell level, then sugar can in many cases help optimize a favourable cellular metabolism. I drink home pressed and filtered orange juice daily. I could probably add some lime juice. I have been afraid of adding sodium bicarbonate to the juice, but I will try.

Thank you again,

Replied by Boris
Bangkok, Thailand

Ed, Foodland (Thonglor Soi 8 cnr and Sukhumvit Soi 5) sell natural Coconut Oil from Koh Samui -1000 mls for approx 560 baht. I eat it cook with it and use it externally - great stuff.