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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 391 posts

... As to what is best to kill amoebas and MRSA, the answer is likely to be a mixture of iodine, sodium chlorite mixture, with milk of magnesia solution. The milk of magnesia is a magensium hydroxide that kills MRSA directly, the iodine and sodium chlorite solution mixture is mostly geared to killing the amoebas. An alternative remedy is seen with the mixture of milk of magnesia (8% solution of magnesium hydroxide) in 1: 1 with hydrogen peroxide 3% solution, where peroxide is used to kill the amoebas, and the milk of magnesia to kill off the amoebas. The hydogen peroxide is not compatible with sodium chlorite solution, but it's is compatible with an iodine solution, such as a 3% or 5% potassium iodide solution or perhaps sodium iodide.

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Replied by Carin
Cape Cod, MA

This is a question for Ted: I am wondering if treating with 1:1 H2O2 and Milk of Magnesia is also the remedy of choice for blastocystis hominus? This is a common pathogen in this country.

Replied by Carin
Cape Cod, MA

Thanks for the quick response!

In the first recipe what are the amounts of iodine, sodium chlorite, and milk of magnesia?

In the second recipe is 8% = 8 parts magnesium to two parts water? And then taking one part of this solution to one part H2O2? ...and taking the mixture once a day?

Thanks very much for the clarifications.