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Where do you get your Lugol's iodine? I read your contributions on Earth Clinic, always informative. Thank You, Ted!

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Bangkok, Thailand
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My Lugol's is a bit different, it is prepared with potassium iodine 2.5% and iodine at 2%. It is mixed in distilled water and weigh the potassium and iodine at those weight. Potassium Iodide 2.5% weight and iodine is 2% of weight. Of course the American version might be different which has 7% of iodine content. The iodine sold locally here is prepared with sodium iodide, and another one is Betadine, which is 1% available iodine, for me it is unacceptable. In sodium iodide, sodium causes pain. Betadine has lower available iodine then does the Lugol's I am using, which I soetimes mix them myself. The American version of Lugol's which is 7% is too strong. As far as Iodophor is similar to PVP-I, or Betadine, but instead used a solubilizing agent, such as surfactant. The quality varies depending on the type of surfactant. There are tablet forms if Iodophors, which more or less is like iodophor of liquid form. And there are Nascent iodine which is alcohol and subjecting to high electrical energy to separate out I2 to I, and making iodine less nauseous.

All iodine have that problem except to some extent nascent iodine. Of course because of the problems with so many iodine, I prefer the first one which is a less stronger form of iodine. The ones that have the least side effect and more bioavailable, made by me is EDTA- Iodine with potassium iodide. Which is tetra sodium EDTA chelated with iodine in Lugol's solution (my version). If you give more EDTA to attached to iodine, it will take on average about 3 - 4 hours for the solution to suddenly clear up. At this point is consumable and have less side effects compared to Nascent iodine. There is another form of iodine, which is my version of hydrogen iodine, which is hydrazine iodide, but must be careful as to not have hydrazine too much but just enough for the solution to clear out. That is not recommend for people who are immune compromised and is clearly experimental purposes I do.

But what I do with this, if you want to know, I mixed this Tannic acid (which generates heat) and is applied to the skin to help with allergies and skin outbreaks and dries rather quickly. Iodine is interesting, it kills most forms of mycobacterium and is used which is the cause of ulcerative colitis, cancer, Crohn's disease, and is the main therapeutic agent into cancer caused by tuberculosis, such as lung cancer, but also rheumatoid arthritis. It's just a matter of getting through the skin and mixing with DMSO to the area such as joints and back to help a severe back pain or cancer pain is most effective it rivals morphine, but without the side effects and it simply eliminates the cause of the problem. In my remedy, it is actually the main protocol killing cancer cells. In Gerson's Therapy, which is actually a modification tuberculosis remedy, it kills tuberculosis and mycobacterium, which resists all forms if antibiotics and sterilization method except iodine. It kills most effectively mycobacterium caused cancer. There are other causes too, virus, chemical agents, fungus and other bacteria. I think two forms is most interesting to me is Lugol's reduced strength (not the 7%) and EDTA Iodine with potassium iodide, the third if they were only cheaper is Nascent Iodine. Ted

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Baltimore, Maryland, US

Hello Ted, This was an earlier question posted that seems to have gone unnoticed; I'm hoping the synergystic effect you mention does not alter the ability of the Iodine and Iodide in Lugol's to do their respective jobs, I. E. , alter their composition. Can you expound on this please? Also hoping for a recommendation of daily dosage of 2.2 Lugol's for a 200 lb adult. About to try bladderwrack as well (in small doses) in hopes of fending off Fukushima fallout. Many thanx & appreciation!