Can You Give Particulars on Painting?

Posted by J.W. (Lehigh Acres, FL) on 11/24/2006

Greetings. Can you give particulars on Iodine Painting? After a bout of Thyroiditis I have slightly elevated TSH and slightly depressed T-4. Can you tell me how much Iodine to use, where to paint, if decolorized Iodine is ok to use, how will I know when to stop?. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jim

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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J.W. :A slightly elevated T-4 appears that there is some inflammation occuring in the area involved. Get some lavender oil and apply thinly to affected parts, your throat of course.

The inflammation should reduce, then iodine painting should not be a problem if applied only no more than 3 days out of a week. Often inflammation is a fungus like organism causing the inflammation. The iodine painting is on the foot area 3-5 inches in diameter. You should note some improvement in a month. Take your readings of thyroid every month. Once they are normal, you can stop. So how long will it be normal? The answer is simple, is it improving your condition so far? If so, then you know exactly when you are going to stop. If it is NOT improving, then it is not working. Give it a maximum time of two months to notice whether any improvements are noted.

In my opinion, taking zinc supplements, selenium and taking the basic freshly squeezed lemon plus added baking soda until there is no more fizz and adding water to 1/2 glass should help alkalized and increase your immunity.

Replied by Amelia
Boone, Nc

Is regular iodine just as effective or do I need to buy Lugol's in order to paint on my feet? My son has severe food allergies, and our homeopath believes it is due to an antibiotic given when he was 2 weeks old. He is 4 now and we have worked with the homeopath for 3 years now. His health is good, but he takes a lot of tinctures and still has his food allergies. Could iodine painting benefit his allergy problem? What would you recommend? I just began magnesium citrate, probiotics, and digestive enzymes to support his digestive system. I also bought magnesium oil and liquid vitamin D3 to support his immune system.