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Ted's Best Anti-Aging Regimen

Posted by S (Anonymous) on 11/24/2012

Ted, what is the best anti aging regime you would recommend? I eat mostly raw food, but i like fruits, should i ween off fruits? What can i take for good hormone levels? Also, my lymph nodes are swollen in my left leg upper thigh area. We recently took in kittens and i'm allergic. Could that be the reason. What can i do?

Replied by Larainlalaland
Los Angeles

So Ted, you do not endorse bio-identical hormones such as estrogen and progesterone for post-menopausal women? Your feedback is great appreciated! Lara

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The best anti aging treatment is hormones, but not the hormones in general use today, such as human growth hormones, or HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophins), stem cells and the like, these promote cancer, such as human growth hormones increase free radicals and insulin resistance, but also HCG. While stem cells are largely undifferentiated cells that can become cancer within a few years time. But the anti cancer ones that do not promote high blood sugar include 12 mg dose of DHEA for women, pregnenolone, and melatonin if you are 50 years or older, and PABA, which is largely regarded as "sunscreen lotion", but has amazing anti aging properties not recognized, first discovered indirectly by Ana Aslan, and as a result of that, was largely attributed to PABA anyway. That kind of got out of hand with the popularity so it was kind of banned for other reasons, such as staining issues, which can be prevented with another antioxidant and the fact it cured some cases of cancer early in the 60s. Those are the best ones, and the other is to avoid fructose from fruits and fructose ingredients in food, they come with all sorts of labeling to avoid that word, such as corn syrup, and other names.

I eat mostly raw food, but i like fruits, should i ween off fruits?

Yes, while it has a low glycemic index, the fructose goes by the back door and does a lot of damage, as the body controls blood sugar mostly by glucose not fructose. Fructose has more AGE products (Advanced Glycation End Products), then glucose or sugar, and causes aging by the actions of protein reacting with sugar, to cause cross linking.

What can i take for good hormone levels?

The best bets are DHEA, pregnenolone, melatonin, and the devil is in the details.

For your lymph node issues, try light therapy especially yellow LED to stimulate lymphatic flows. Lymphatic issues in the legs is a common one especially if you don't drink enough water. The tissues get swelled, from irregular and uneven blood flow, from having high fats, and viscous or thick blood, due to dehydration or high amounts of allergens in the blood stream from high carbohydrates; but urea from high protein diets dissolves these allergens. Urea is a known substance that dissolves allergens in the bloodstream."

11/29/2012: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Fructose: so i can't eat bananas or blueberries without having aging? Bananas and blueberries are supposed to be good for so many things, what do i replace them with? Those are my two main fruits.

You can eat as much fruit extract as you like if they don't contain fructose or sugar.

Then i was going to buy raw manuka honey for it's tremendous health benefits such as if mixed with water produces hydrogen peroxide... but it has fructose too so should i avoid?

It might be disinformation since they seem to add certain compounds such as benzalkonium chloride responsible for health effects, but fructose is a big downside especially as they fuel cancer growth. They may add propolis to the honey to enhance the antibiotic effects.

Hormones: Where can i find all of those hormones naturally in plant sources?

Cactus yam is one source, although the bioidentical one is better.