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Need Help with Progeria Treatment

Posted by PW (Anon) on 05/26/2013

Do you have any info about progeria, Ted? From what i understand it's a disease that makes a person age rapidly, maybe you can shed light on a treatment or cure... thx in advance Ted!!!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Progeria is a genetic disease, as you know, which affects very few causing rapid aging in children and death when they are in their teens. The focus of research is inhibition of farnesyl. While there is nothing we can do about genes there are epigenetics, DNA repair, and Reactive Oxygen species which we can do. The most useful treatment of progeria has actually been N acetyl cysteine as it reduced reactive oxygen species, and may lengthen normal lives for those with progeria by taking it throughout the day. The repair DNA mechanism can be done through supplements such as selenium. Aging directly relates to the DNA repair mechanism. As for epigenetic factors, supplementation with vitamin D, folic acid, and B12 helps reduced homocysteine levels. The other that may help is alpha lipoic acid to help regeneration of tissues and organs and N acetyl carnitine, which helps protect mitochondria from free radicals.