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Borax and H2O2 Bathing

Posted by Liza (Orlando Florida) on 12/31/2007

Hello Mr. Ted, I have been reading up on all the remedies you have given the public reader through this great site. I have been extremely upset with the amount of money spent and the continuous desperation my poor girls face each day with these darn fleas. I have done it all! From paying a company to come a spray the yard, to bathing them with everything you can imagine, to cleaning and bombing the house, to cleaning their cages, washing the clothing,and bedding, to you name it, I have done it! lots of $$$$$$$ down the drain if you know what I mean. The latest I have started using has been the borax, purchased at Walmart for less the 3 dollars a box. I live in Florida where the weather is extremely hot most of the time and I own three female dogs: a golden retriever mix, a pure breed austrailian shepard, and my latest Chinese Crestad. It seems that one is always more infested then the other. I have spend hours washing them and taking fleas out with a hose. Can you please tell me how to use the borax with the Hydrogen Peroxide and if to use this, do I have to take the girls into my tub? Or is there a way to do this outside using the hose? Also, the same solution used in the tub is same one I would spray on them after the the bathe or should this been done days later. How long should I wait till their next bath? I have used the borax to just sprinkle it around the yard, it has kept the fleas down, but still lots remain on the girls. My oldest dog, the golden retriever mix has been losing her hair and has a severe skin infection due to these demon critters!!!! I hate them!!!!! Please HELP!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for caring enough for helping dog owners like us out here going crazy and going broke with it all!!!! Hahahahah. Look forward to hearing from you soon!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Liza: I have the same problem but was successful with controlling it. Therefore, you are not the only one with the extreme infestation. This has just happened here in Bangkok just this year and the climate is hot and humid, but it is a nightmare during the rainy season. The problem of extreme infestation never did occured but these newer fleas, ticks and mites for some reason or another are what I sometimes called "superbugs" that are maybe part of genetic engineering that gotten out of hand or intentional, I do not know. This has never happened before hand seems this problem is worldwide now, and was non-existent only 1 or 2 years ago as of today (December 2007). The only effective remedy that can best handle this grave problem is to buy a large tank of hydrogen peroxide and dilute them down to 3% usually mixed with saturated borax and spray this on the entire yard, trees, shrubs, house exterior and outside the house area, the surrounding house area and inside of the house is also sprayed. Insecticide seems almost useless. The borax and hydrogen peroxide seems to hold quite well in this instances. The only useful way I have found is a termite spray be used in cracks and crevices where these fleas hide. I have found fleas and mites source to be coming from OUTSIDE of the house where these newer superbugs of fleas, mites and ticks to be able to live almost 6 months without any dog or anything. My own problem here is my neighbor owns a lumberyard adjoining my house and the come from that area feeding endless supply of fleas, ticks and mites. The key to resolving this nightmare is that the dogs are quarantined inside the house that are sterile or fleas ticks and mites free, or in close confinement where the areas are controlled to prevent mites and fleas from lining up going in doors. While a tub is effective in covering the area, the use of hydrogen peroxide will be a waste and costly one. Hence a small tub for the dog to dip in maybe useful and more economical and done only once a week dip. The shampooing and application of borax and peroxide use must be applied on the dog EVERYDAY for at least a week or two. Finally when the dogs dried the use of DEET spray which are insect repellant must be applied on the dog at least twice a day, or every 12 hours. A more effective way is to apply it every 8 hours. Once the DEET spray is on the dogs, fleas, ticks and mites won't find the dog and this is the key. If I have any more tips that help stop this flea infestation, I will post more as newer information becomes available through my experiments. The problems about all these experiments is it divert me from answering all the emails that come from earthclinic, so that's one of those tradeoffs I have to make on a daily basis. However, I have managed to successfully do deal with flea infestation, but even AFTER SUCH success, the dog must be taken a bath at LEAST twice a week, using borax and hydrogen peroxide plus DEET sprayed at least twice a day. Therefore the key is: quarantine the dog away from outside and in a close confined area, where fleas and mites from outside are no longer accessible. Quarantine time is about 2 weeks. Daily hydrogen peroxide and borax treatment plus DEET after bath is used. A dip in a small tub for the dog can be performed once or twice a week, depending on the budget. After the quarantine period the DEET spray must be used at least twice a day.