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Fleas in My Hair

Posted by Anonymous on 05/23/2008

At this time I feel like that man lying on the road. Please help.....Please. Since April I have been dealing with itch. It started on my neck and moved to back of hair. Have bean to hospital 3 times to be told I did not have body, head or pubic lice. When I followed up with emergency room day after clinic with some specimens I was told that these specimens were nothing and not to come back with same complaint. Afterward I went to derm clinic & was asked by head DR (how many doctors have told you do not have any lice? I responded with the number 5. He left and had his asst prescribe a med for stress. Even though crushed, I continued to research & ordered neem.While waiting for order tried not to use vinegar, tea tree oil or anything that would give me another dermatitis contact allergy. When neem came I used it and found in tub something that looked like tiny piece of broom stick. Picked up & when I went to examine it it jumped out of my hand. My God (fleas). Found "Fleas in my hair" on website & cried(please read).Since, have come to realize they are in my hair & pubic area also. There is not any info on web site other than that site, but understand common in other countries. Please from what I read it would be borax bath. How often, how much to put in tub. I've tried spraying borax with peroxide formula but still finding lots of larvae especially in buttocks area. If this info is too strong to put on website then please adapt so that others can have this vital knowledge & especially a remedy or cure. PS Salt Borax Baking Soda Vinegar not working in home, called exterminator to get control..Dog put out last winter in yard. I guess I became host. Now 12 yr son has symptoms but is in denial. Ted I don't know where else to turn or who will even listen. Thank you.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Basically a borax and peroxide remedy mix when used is not rinsed. I have noticed changes in newer fleas where it jumps from animal and they are not getting really hard to get rid of, not just the fleas, but mites, ticks, and many other insects. Even in Thailand the Railroad authorities were completely overwhelmed with killing of certain blood sucking leeches that are not having much success getting rid of. It is my observation that obviously they may be resistant to insecticide, but I think GMO used in plants which produce it's own insecticide is responsible for the sudden resistance as the evolution of insect has gone an evolutionary jump through the natural process of horizontal gene transfer as nature exchanges genes from the new GMO plants.

There is a still certain other observations I have noticed the changes in behavior of fleas, mites, and ticks, that these insects, once laid eggs on the host, but not they are changing in behavior as well perhaps from the GMO or other effects in laying eggs not on the host, but in the surrounding environment, such as the bed, carpet, rugs, walls, crevices and even on the ground. So when they need blood, they just come and take it, and full they go to their hiding place, or lay eggs on the host. The host meanwhile will be dipping or spraying with insecticide, which is not going to kill their eggs or the insect directly since they are now outside or away from the host. They have also walked farther, for example from one house to another house at a much farther distance than even ants. Ants can't travel as far as nearly 500 meters so why is these parasites are becoming somewhat super parasites, is it genetic engineering? It makes great difficulty in eliminating them since I
noticed one tick was running as far as 500 meters or more just to jump on a dog! Dogs that are in same area gets infected badly while the stray dogs can just run away preventing a major infection. They are even more resistant to insecticides than even cockroaches now! What's not even mentioned in the mainstream media is how these insects are destroying the non GMO crops badly, while the GMO crops, are doing well, but field rats also die from eating these GMO crops too.

Therefore the best strategy in reduction of this, assuming the use of natural materials that I used to get rid of infestation in the environment from these hives of parasites that hide in crevices is the orange oil 30% mixed with 70% alcohol or just pure orange oil, or d-limonene, which is a major component of lemon oil and orange oil to kill the eggs and mites.

As for the infestation that exist on our body I will still use borax and hydrogen peroxide 1% solution, although the use on the head may cause the color of hair to be orange. Therefore, I may use a weaker solution, such as 0.5% to 0.75% concentration if this is needed to be applied to the head but a slightly higher concentration can be used at 1% in other areas, which won't effect the hair color. The most important thing is not to rinse and applied during the night and rinsed in the morning.

It is important that the surrounding environment be cleared of these insect in the entire living area since what I found, is they travel very far.

It is also most important based on their change egg laying behavior that I used DEET applied every 8 hours or 12 hours so that the newer fleas, ticks, and other parasites are not attracted to us. And it needs to be applied for an entire month at least to see improvement.

As to how other people deal with these problem they use a combination of borax and peroxide, and Frontline, where Frontline might be applied to the surrounding environment area.

Hopefully this might answer just some of your questions. I don't have all the answers, what I do know most important is the use of DEET, frequent application to our body, and the necessity of spraying pyrethrin sprays, or perhaps orange oil to prevent a hive or eggs from coming back that is most effective that I know of right now. Also take note whether this comes from outside that further supply fleas from another neighbor, mine did, and that's the major problem.