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Apple Cider Vinegar Dosages

Posted by Carrie on 03/28/2008

Hello, I have read several testimonials talking about how people have cured flea problems with ACV, but it doesn't say how much I should use?' Can you please give me a ratio of ACV to water?

My all white cat has been scratching and itching, her ears are scabby and she has a couple spots that are bleeding (really looks terrible with all white fur) - this is AFTER I applied Revolution. She appears to still have fleas - I don't like to use any chemicals on her, but don't know what to do.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Usually I would use just pure ACV or just white distilled vinegar applied, without adding any water. For some reason or another certain insecticide seems to accelerate egg laying or proliferation of blood sucking insects much more by forming hives in other areas as it causes it to leave the animals while they are "immuned" for a month's period, whereupon another dose is needed and this is then used every month for the rest of the animal's existence. Whether that was intentional or unintentional it has cause an unending epidemic of mites, fleas, ticks where I live, so such an extent that if the animal is left untreated to only 1 days, there would be a significant numbers of them even more so than before. Therefore, it is best to treat the animals, everyday to prevent the fleas, for example from forming a hive, which seems to come back after the chemical is no longer effective. I have as yet to identify what that is, and whether some of these fleas are newer breed that seems to be resistant with nearly all forms of insecticide. The ones I used were just borax and peroxide, used everyday, and the premises must be quarantined, the cats treated daily to have an impact. It should be noted that fleas sometimes come from a nearby area where they use other similar chemicals that causes them to leave the animal and find another surrounding area. The ticks and fleas in my home, most of them come from a nearby house infestation on dogs that are about 1/2 kilometer away from my house (they are still coming to my house everyday whether there is a dog or a cat or not). These insects do travel very far, but it seems many chemical insecticide simply cause these fleas to leave the area (not dead) and find a new home where there is cats or dogs. That's the main problem. Therefore some barrier might be considered to that newer fleas do not come into the house if there is a known infestation from the nearby area. I think a sensible thing to do is used bentonite clay used as a powdered form applied lightly so that it will dehydrate the eggs or applied around the premises of the house.