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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 06/19/2006 383 posts

It has been known in academic circles for sometime that vitamin B3 in the form of niacinamide (non-flushing) is relatively toxic to yeast. A scientist found several years ago and concluded (wrongly) that taking vitamin B3 niacinamide will shorten your life span or longevity, through suppressing the SIR2 silencing gene, which is responsible for longevity.

As a result of this little misinformation, people stopped taking niacinamide and candida and yeast infections skyrocketed. Now the reason for the mistake was relatively simple, the scientist was apparently doing a study on longevity on yeast cells. Apparently in higher animals, fruit flies included, the effect of adding niacinamide resulted in longer life of 15%, as well as human embryo cells.

Therefore, if you have candida, yeast infection, or possibly even a UTI (urinary tract infection), taking niacinamide between 100-500 mg/day could solve this mystery that doctors have a hard time suppressing. In fact, you can expand this idea into applying the use of niacinamide NOT NIACIN, as a means of controlling fungus, since fungus is a relatively close cousin of the yeast also.

This is interesting, since in medicine the two most hardest organism to kill is actually fungus and yeast. It is almost a death sentence if you have this and getting rid of it may mean endless nightmare. Who knows, perhaps dissolving niacinamide with vinegar will be helpful in relieving your toe nail fungus infections.

Therefore a possibility exists from the point of view of biological terrain, candida, yeast and fungus infection is a form of niacinamide deficiency.

EC: Ted's friend confirmed this finding for yeast infections, "i gave my wife 500mg of niacinamide and she say her vulva itching is reduced by 50% -- wow!!! why i never thought of B3!!! i assume that we were getting lots in our diet."

Replied by Trying To B Yeast Free
Orlando, Fl

Thank God for and all the posters! Like many women on here I have struggled with on going bouts of yeast and b. V. I have been on a low carb(veggies, no starch rice or pasta etc) for a couple of months now. I've been taking threelac probiotic for a couple of months now with limited results. I also take Candida Clear(2 a day orally), also with limited results, depending on that days diet, the yeast would come back in a day or so, or the bv would act up. After reading through the posts yesterday (9/28/12)I decided to buy a supplement from cvs that is a super bcomplex vitamin with Folic Acid and Vitamin C. (natures bounty). Between the bcomplex and my regular multivitamin I am getting 800 mcg of Folic acid plus b6(5mcg/250 ily value), b12(30 mcg/500 ily value), niacin25 mcg or 125% daily value) and thiamin(20mcg/6, 667% daily value! )

. I have seen an Impressive decrease in the yeast. No discharge but with finger sampling some white stuff. I dont know why I didnt think of it earlier but I also inserted two capsules of the Candida Clear in my vagina.... Bad smell gone! The candida clear has Pau D'arco, Black walnut, Oregano Oil, Caprylic Acid. It is a vegetarian formula capsule.... This is only the second day and I believe if I continue this regimen the near constant white, gooey discharge and fishy smell will be a thing of the past! I got so happy I drank orange juice( a former big no no because of the sugar content and its effect on yeast), NO Discharge! You can probably acheive the same results by inserting a capsule or two of acidophilous/probiotic. the candida clear is a bit pricey I bought off of Google searches list prices from 15-30 dollars depending on the store. 180 caps. I hope this will help someone. Thank You all Stay Strong, we can beat this thing with dietary changes, plenty of water(preferably distilled) and natural supplements, Im a believer in Folic Acid now. Been there with the diflucan/fluconazole antibiotics..... Clears it up for a day or two then it returns. I think I have found my cure! Plus I will have my blood sugar checked to b on the safe side.

Replied by Scottye
Cypress, Texas

I have had this for now 10 years it is candida and it is in my gut. I have been on the yeast free diet and still I can not get the blothing down. I have started on the raw diet of milk hoping this is going to help me. Where do you get this B3 niacinamide?"

04/17/2011: Dana from St. Augustine, Fl replies: "if you are drinking raw milk from cows who are only fed grass then you will be getting more vitamins, enzymes, nutrients than any pill that you take. You should look into the westin a. Price foundation and book! Explains all about raw milk/cheese/butter : )"

05/11/2010: Trudy from Harbor Springs, Michigan, USA writes: Would Vitamin B3 work for a dog with chronic yeast infection in the ears? If so, how much is safe to give him?"

05/04/2011: Teia from Detroit, Mi, USA replies: "I am so happy I found this site. The doctor perscribed an anitbotic for me for a sinus infection I had - so this gave me a yeast infection. I brought otc meds and it made it hurt worst. So while on this site tonight - I took a bath in Apple Cider Vinegar for about 20 mins and I put on perxoide - it burns a little but the itching is gone. Thanks so much for all the posts.

Replied by Chandelle
Coral Springs, Fl

Why do you say NOT NIACIN- online it states the niacinamide is niacin... So whats up with that?

Replied by Robyn
Sydney, Australia

With severe fms, cfs, mcs 20 yrs and a uti every 2nd day I found out myself through lab tests I had a dysfunctional liver, thyroid, adrenals and that I was very toxic with heavy metals so I was so overwhelmed I did not pay attention when I was told I probably had bad yeast infection. As I had already been diagnosed with ross river, barvon forest, glandular fever, staf, chlymadia pneumonia I was investigating which of these can become chronic. When I had a sick building professional look at where I am trying to live he said I had a bad yeast infection and parasites. I have taken many parasite cleansers and clove oil as I have seen Ted suggest. I dont have a vaginal yeast infection so it is only a guess. I take all these supplements, acv, gse, olive leaf extract, lots of herbs and B3 I think got rid of the utis - 20 yrs of. I can relate to the lady who has lost her life to her yeast problems. But I dont know if I have and it must be bad if its not responding to all this. I have just gone on 3 antibiotics to kill the pneumonia & the pain has lessened!!!! But that can't be helping my yeast problem if I have one.