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How Ingesting Yogurt Helps

Posted by Kate on 07/14/2007

i understand how yogurt helps in BV and yeast infections, because it helps to balance the acidity of the vaginal bacterial flora. it makes sense that if one is suffering from these ailments, that one should apply plain (unsugared) yogurt to the vagina. what i don't understand is how ingesting yogurt helps. simply, how does the yogurt get from the stomach to the vagina? perhaps this is a ridiculous question, but to me, it doesn't make sense that one would eat yogurt to cure a yeast infection rather than apply it to the infected area. thanks very much for your time!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Kate: Eating might help, applying to infection area brings more immediate results, but the underlying blood terrain still makes it favorable to yeast growth as yeast growth tend to grow faster whenever the the body is slightly acidic. Too acidic a yeast cannot grow, too alkaline it cannot grow either, but alkalinity is more effective in the long run when there is blood terrain to consider, and it is easier in practice to use acidic yogurt to apply them locally.

The yogurt does so by helping reduce the constipation, and normalizes intestinal flora in the short run, thus reducing the bacterial toxin buildup. It is the lactic acid component that has some anti yeast or anti fungal properties that does get to the vagina area from eating lactic acid rich foods. However, lactic acidosis and high lactic acid do have toxicity to healthy cells, and athletes do the best to this avoid or reduce this serious problem.

Therefore to reduce yeast infections I would much prefer the 1/2 teaspoon of bakng soda with 8 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice in 1/2 glass of water taken two times a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. Taking this has a weak laxative effect reducing toxic buildup.

The alkalizing effects also reduces the body of constipation, normalizes intestinal floral by normalizing the pH environment in the intestines helping growth of favorable intestinal flora.

The yeast also have trouble growing whenever the body's serum level is more alkalizing also. There are many other reasons, besides this, for example, if the body is more alkalizing the capillaries on the skin dilate and the body can rid of toxins faster, and increases of immunity occurs whenever toxins in the body are reduced.

Alkalizing also generates free ammonia inside the body which is strongly antifungal. Therefore, one possibility is to take plenty of baking soda and lemon/lime and eat plenty of fish - baked fish if at all possible, never a fried one.

The high protein fish breaks down into amino acids (such as soy sauce) and the alkalizing effects of baking soda creates free ammonia compound, killing the yeast cells in the process.

Now my observations are rather limited but I do think eating fishes and alkalizing is one way of reducing yeast infection, at least those who do it don't seem to have them.

In general, a topical application of yogurt, or just plain white distilled vinegar in the area can also reduced localized problem, but overall alkalizing the body will have a more larger area effect of the body when used in combination.