Clove Oil Helps Reduce Burning in Mouth

Posted by Nadia on 11/29/2006

Hi Ted, I had been taking a handful of chinese parsley for a week, then stopped for a week, and again taken for a week. I also took 100% organic licorice bits (almost the size of tic tacs), 2 in the morning and 2 at night in the third week. I am going to stop on the parsley and licorice for the next week. I'm also taking 1 tbs lecithin everyday. So far the heartburn has not stopped nor has the burning tongue. I could not find food grade borax. I also read about clove oil for nanobacteria in one of your emails. Since I didn't have clove oil, I just put a clove in my mouth and sucked and chewed on it. It stings the tongue while I'm eating it, but amazingly after I'm done eating it, the burning in the tongue almost goes away (about 95%) and the heartburn also gets better (about 90%). This lasts for about 3-4 hours and then everything goes back to where I started. Since I started this regimen, I have also been getting headaches after mid-day. The acne on my face has reduced a bit though. Does this mean that it is working. Should I continue with this? If so, for how long. I also found a chelated calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement that has 1000mg calcium (as carbonate and gluconate), 400 mg magnesium (as oxide and gluconate) and 25 mg zinc (as gluconate and citrate). Should I start taking this as the next resort or is the calcium in it too high. For how many days should I take this. I couldn't find single magnesium and zinc supplements. All I found come in oxide forms. If this doesn't work, then may be I'll try the B-Complex. I have also started taking sodium ascorbate 1000mg since 2 days. Kindly advice on what to do. Thanks in advance,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Nadia: It is clear that your condition is one of fungus like organism causing your burning tongue. In this case sodium ascorbate 1000 mg, and taking baking soda 1/4 teaspoon x times a day mixed in water, morning and early afternoon and early evening on empty stomach should help. Clove leaves are o.k., but you may need to take it more often for every 3 hours.

Be flexible. Consider changing some protocol and consider taking zinc acetate/zinc gluconate instead. Magnesium and calcium we can leave that out later, but it is best that magnesium be taken first for a week or so. Most our food is high in calcium anyway mostly from vegetables. Where do you think cows get their milk? From the grass!