Repeated Case of Glossitis

Posted by A (Texas) on 04/25/2012

Dear Ted, This all started in mid December 2011 and I have been suffering since then. I have seen several doctors ENTs, GIs and even Physiatrists. I had an episode of my tongue and lingual tonsils swelling. My ENTs (I went to 4 of them) saw it and kept giving me steroids and antibiotics for it. The swelling used to go away with the medication but it used to come back as well and I had to go through the entire medication course again. I started going to websites to see what is happening to me since the ENTs started talking about cutting off my lingual tonsils. The internet was full of people saying they have swollen tongue for years and they couldn't find a solution and so on and so forth. The whole thing was very depressing and I started feeling that I cannot sleep. There was a time once I couldn't sleep for days even with strong medication. One of the ENTs gave me Valium and that helped a bit but the swelling of lingual tonsils kept coming back which made it harder for even the Valium to help me sleep. I never knew what anxiety and depression was till this kept going for almost three months. A friend of mine suggested that all the swelling may be because of some kind of allergy and suggested Benadryl, I took it and it helped with swelling, I could sleep as well. So I started talking the Benadryl. After three days, I could sleep and swelling wasn't bad either but one evening I felt I cannot see well. That was the start of my Depersonalization or at least I think that's what it is. I didn't know what it was at that time. A doctor friend of mine finally after three months told me that he thinks that my tongue swelling is related to my stomach. So I saw a GI and finally got diagnosed with GERD, I am taking the medicine but the tongue swelling keeps coming back. This also swells up my throat and sometimes its difficult to breathe and even eat food. I was a very chronic smoker as well before I my tongue started swelling.

The harm with anxiety, depression and me not being able to see well has been done now. I don't want to take the traditional physic medications for life or not be able to cut back on the traditional physic medicines. I want natural treatment and I found your article while researching about natural treatments.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I think you have a simple condition of glossitis, which is an inflammation of the tongue cause by a vitamin B complex deficiency. It will relieve most of the conditions in a week. If not you come contact me again. I would take B50 complex three times a day for just one week and see how it goes.