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Anorexia Caused Many Problems

Posted by L (Scotland) on 11/22/2007

Hi I have recently come across your site and think that it's great. I have a multitude of problems which all stem from years of anorexia and I was wondering if you could give me some information on how best to take things forward. Firstly, I suffered from eating disorders for about 8 years. In the last 2 years I have been gradually overcoming all of the psychological problems associated and begun to introduce more foods into my diet. However, I had a lot of set backs as each time I began to eat new things that I had previously restricted I became really ill. It started with severe joint pains which they diagnosed as RA - however I now realize that this is probably due to poor digestion resulting in toxin release - everyone thought that it was my anorexia that caused me to blame food for the pain which drove me insane as I desperately wanted to eat more but the pain caused was just too much! As a result of the pain, I was a serial Ibuprofen taker - taking 3x400mg daily on regular occasions over a long period of time. I also suffer from really bad acid reflux and mucus production - which generally leads to lots of colds and flus etc! I know that my digestion is pretty crap as often when I go to the toilet, there are still reminents of what I have eaten in amongst it! I started oil pulling with half and half coconut oil and sunflower oil 4 days ago. Instantly I can feel the mucus running down the back of my throat. I also started ACV, Bicarb Soda and Honey at the same time. For the first few days I did feel more energetic and brighter, my hair and teeth felt better and I slept a lot deeper than before. After 1 day I had the recurrence of a pain in the junction between my calf and my Achilles tendon - this is a problem I suffered 2 years ago which caused agonizing pain when I ran and despite scans, x-rays etc no one was ever able to diagnose what it was. Interestingly, this is the area where 3 years ago I had cortisone injection into this area for tendonitis. I also felt joint aches - not as bad as they can get but a general aching and my right index finger, which is always my worst joint, was very swollen. This has started to subside thought the calf pain is still present. Last night I tried peppermint oil in water and drops of H2O2 in water to try and alleviate the symptoms. However instantly after doing this gum/tooth pain which has a tendancy to flare up every now and then really flared up and started to ache. Also, this morning I have a horrible fullness in my head especially in my ears and across the front of my head and I feel as if my ear canals are hot. I tried H2O2 drops in my ears but that did not relieve them. This is a feeling I had early this year when I had a full blown sinus infection. Also last night just after taking the H2O2 I could feel that my heart was beating a lot faster than normal! So my questions are - How can I improve my digestion - Is the return of the calf pain related to the pulling and also related to the cortisone? Is this a Metal??- How can I stop all this mucus- What is causing my head fullness? Am I allergic to H2O2? Thanks in advance. I really want to continue on the path to good heal the natural way and avoid all the medicational crap I am prescribed where possible. Thanks again

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear L: Thank you for your detailed symptoms as this is really helpful in my finding an appropriate remedy. Frequently people now have multiple diseases and it is the symptoms that give me the clue.

On of the reason why a remedy doesn't work is that people who write me with their sickness only tell me just one sickness and ignored the rest, which prevents me from recommending a proper remedy. The other problem is not following directions and taking too much of it or taking something completely different, such as baking powder instead of the correct baking soda. A person with a fungus ringworm condition having a herpes not mentioned would go astray with the remedy since you need to deal with the viral problems first and the fungus condition goes away. This is why all symptoms needs to be mentioned!

A common anorexic, rheumatoid arthritis and calf pain does give me a lot of clues as to the cause. A baking soda, while it does provide the body with increase energy from oxygen and immunity, however, the rejection of H2O2 by you provides certain clues into the body's biochemical problems. But this does indicate many nutritional deficiencies and I will go one by one.

The most likely problem of pain from using H2O2, means that the body's natural antioxidant levels are low. A common one is the sodium ascorbate vitamin C and sometimes Ester C vitamin C (oil soluble vitamin C). It should be noted that ascorbic acid vitamin C is a prooxidant and this is not helpful. If it is possible to acquire vitamin C sodium ascorbate this would be most helpful as it is an alkaline form of vitamin C.

The anorexic condition is an interesting point, as this indicates a couple of vitamin B complex deficiencies, such as B12, B3, B6 and B1. B12 is primarily importances as it also helps absorption and utilization of the other vitamins. A B6 and magnesium is synergistic too. Ideally B50 or B100 (vitamin Bs where most of the vitamin B are 50 mg each in a B50, or where in B100 most vitamin Bs are 100 mg each with certain exceptions of B12 which are more likely to be 100 mcg). Cooking and a bad digesting system will might lead to a vitamin B deficiency.

Actually, most water soluble vitamins including B and C can lead to a deficiency fairly quick if the foods lacking b complex occurs for months at a time, leading up to anorexic condition, which will further the problem.

I also need to take frequent vitamin B supplement at least once a week. However, if a deficiency is suspected I may take it ONCE EVERY OTHER DAY of vitamin B in the middle of the day, with a baking soda and lime remedy as lime is higher in vitamin C content than an apple cider vinegar remedy.

The remedy for a lime, is one whole freshly squeezed lime, which equals to two tablespoons of lime, plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water (at least) taken twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime. If some sleepiness is indicated, than the re-scheduling of the dose can be taken in the early evening and before sleep.

Taking both the vitamin C sodium ascorbate 250-500 mg/day for only 4 or 5 days out of a week, plus baking soda & lime in 5 days out of a week should be more than sufficient for the body to handle the oxidative oxygen you breathe and can minimize any effect of H2O2 use.

A weekly vitamin E and ester C vitamin C, both oil soluble or fat soluble antioxidant is helpful, usually 200 i.u and 500 mg of ester C only once a week might be sufficient. In somce cases of long term, some monthly or twice monthly vitamin K (or preferably K2) is also needed as bleeding gums may potentially be one of the problems of gum pain and H2O2 that bought about that condition.

As to the calf pain, taking pain killers is not the answer, neither is joint pain injecting with some cortiosol. If we look at the cause, a very common calf pain, and I once have calf pain since I was a child, but I did learn what was causing it through trial and error, whien I was a child. It turns out to be magnesium. A muscle, if it can't relax and contracts all the time, can lead to muscular pain and magnesium is very helpful. If I have calf pain along with lack of energy in the morning (lack of vitamin b6 is indicated here too) I will take 500 mg of magnesium citrate (or magnesium acetate or magnesium chloride) a day for 5 days out of a week for a couple of weeks. Actually most muscular pain will go away by the third day even if I had some sort of accident that resulted in muscle pain. The fastest pain reduction noticed after taking magnesium is within hours of taking it. It should be noted that frequently supplements company put so much fillers that the body can't absorbed them. Hence I may either chew the tablets, or powdered it using a pestle and molar and then dissolved them in a drinking glass of water.

The joint pain will respond quite well, with the magnesium supplement and pain reduction should be noted, but a boron supplements is also helpful too such as a pinch (1/16 teaspoon of borax or about 50 mg of borax) taken for only 3 or 4 days then stop. Certain bacterium and fungus are responsible and that's how I know what remedies to use. A creaky joints may be reduced with glucosamine sulfate 500 mg, but pain reduction is not much from this supplement but will help out quite, initially. The other coin to treating Rheumatoid arthritis is taking plenty of MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) but 250-500 mg is needed. James Coburn, a famous actor was cured of his arthritis after years of pain just by taking MSM. The secret is that the MSM is antifungal, and it killed the mycobacterium that is partially responsible for the arthritis. Of course he would have gone into "remission" a lot faster with the magnesium and the boron (from the borax). In my case, just taking the boron (from borax) 1/4 teaspoon dissolved in one liter of water for only a couple of days were more than enough for me. In case none of the magnesium, MSM are not working as expected, a boron will almost certainly work. And if the condition is more severe, than a cod liver oil which has vitamin D is helpful, one tablespoon, but amazingly a vitamin K2 is also antifungal and helpful with Rheumatoid arthritis too. But I would prefer to keep things simple and go for magnesium first and the vitamin Bs. Whenever the body is afflicted multiple nutritional imbalance is indicated.

There are more deficiencies, but these ones are minor such as zinc, potassium and phosphorous, but those don't tend to happen often and is for people who gets cold frequently and anorexic (a zinc deficiency), or is having heart problems and tired, with anorexic (a lack of potassium and phosphorus). Too much zinc can lead to vomiting, too little may cause loss in appetite or anorexic just the same.

One recent supernutrition(more nutrition dense than bee pollen) I have found is to take one to two tablespoon of chinese wolfberries. Some can be soft, some hard depending on the sellers and have many complete amino acids, vitamins and minerals, raising the body's immune system so that certain RA or loss of appetite and increase in energy is noted too.

It's difficult to cover all the aspect anorexic and RA, but most of these remedies I think should be most helpful.