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Correct Dosage of Borax

Posted by Eileen on 03/13/2008

Hi Ted, I have been using 1/8 teaspoon of borax in one liter of water for two to three days a week. I read an article on the Arthritis Foundation web site by a Dr. Rex Newnham that recommends using 3 mg of a Boron supplement in the form of sodium borate to cure arthritis. He cured himself and says that this works quickly within one to three months depending on the condition. My question is trying to determine 3 mg. to 1/8 teaspoon. I prefer the borax water solution but wondered how the amount can be compared? Could I continue as I am but use for six days a week? Is there a reason you prefer we use for two or three days? Thank you. Eileen

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Rheumatoid arthritis relates more to the immune system and mycobacterium issues (fungus) as the major problem, with possible problems of the cartilage due to a staph like bacteria. Therefore a borax amount of 3 mg is too small to work and boron alone may not work. That's the basic problem. The reason why I know is that a lot of person who actually was helped with rheumatoid arthritis used remedies that are closer to 30-80 mg. There is still a problem here. The problem is that borax has limited solubility when taken in tablet form. A 3 mg is equivalent to about .0006 teaspoon (1 teaspoon = 5 mL = 5000 milligrams and 3/5000 mg equals .0006 teaspoon) which is more or less' 6/10000th (6 divided by 10000 equals .0006) of a teaspoon which is too little to have an effect for most problematic rheumatoid arthritis. Israel has one of the lowest arthritis and their drinking water I estimated to be twice that which is roughly 5 mg per liter of water (this is very old information so data do change and sampling of water is not accurate) and that's for people who drank that water all their life. However, an effective dose needed to kill the fungus which caused the arthritis in the first place needs a much higher dose as mentioned. If Dr. Rex is to be followed, then it is best to obtain a commercial borax supplement or an ordinary vitamin supplements which some has already have a much closer figure to that anyway. Rheumatoid Arthritis is more difficult then meets the eye, vitamin K2 100-200 mcg, vitamin D3 usually closer to 10,000 i.u, alkalizing, using baking soda remedies, such as 1/2 teaspoon in 1/2 glass of water, taken twice a day, and a d-mannose of 500 mg a day, or a 1/8 teaspoon of xylitol added to the drinking water that has the borax, plus 250-500 mg of magnesium citrate actually works the best. An additional 10 drops - 30 drops of 3% H2O2 into that drinking water further helps. I don't believe that a single borax will help because it is the mycobacterium and the staph like bacterium that exists which causes rheumatoid arthritis (that an the autoimmunity thing) and to use a single nutrients is hardly effective and that's just from my own experience with many people. The immunity issue is related and iodine from kelp should also be occasional considered such as twice a week supplements. Rheumatoid arthritis don't happen for no reason, it happens because the body's immune system are down as we get older, opportunist pathogens sets in and the vitamin D levels of a 60 year is about 1/10 of a 6 year old child that being said, it is not unusual that the arthritis occur because the bone formation is impaired from lifelong acid blood that degrades the bone condition. Rheumatoid arthritis is an interesting one, joints get larger than usual and cannot bend. I once remember one person who took borax/magnesium/baking soda/xylitol regularly and within a couple of weeks told me she can now move her fingers, but as a side note, the enlarge joints reduced to almost the normal size. I told her that the enlarge joints happens just like an elephant man or a person with a fungus like bacteria that exists near the joint and if the supplements that increases immunity, reduces the fungus, and prevent fungus from forming colonies (through polyol sugar to prevent fungus from attaching to the bones), plus protection against ligaments and cartilage with magnesium, it should be normalized within no time. The older a person is the more complicated and comprehensive are the remedies and the ones I listed here are the supplements for the worse case scenario for an 70+ year old person (more like 80). For me, who is about 49 years old and have some arthritis on my knee, which is a minor condition, it goes away in 1-3 days on just drinking the 1/4 teaspoon (men's dose that I have found to be most effective) and it goes away. So I need not take them everyday only take it for just 1-3 days were more than sufficient. If the muscle and pain is there then I might take some magnesium 250-500 mg, but interestingly I don't need to take magnesium beyond 3 days either. That's because I know my condition early on, before it has a chance to do major damage. I also alkalize most of the days (except if I am too busy answering emails), and it should also be noted that it's not just the iodine that helps immunity (against fungus caused arthritis), it is also the vitamin D3, magnesium and vitamin K2 that is also important. Regeneration may be needed and some aloe vera juice is also taken once a day. It is high in allantoin, which is well known in the use of comfrey too whenever bones are broken so in case of arthritis, may help their repairs. So maybe my remedy is too comprehensive, but that's the only way I can get success. And perhaps Dr. Rex know something I don't, but what I do know definitely that 3 mg never worked with me and a lot of people here also and the ones I do witness is in their 70s, 80s and 90s. I am just the youngest of the bunch, and still the 3-10 mg range doesn't work within a month, but perhaps if I just wait for 3 months it just might work and Dr. Rex could be right. But why do I need to wait when I can take 1/4 teaspoon of borax in one liter of drinking water and it will go away in a maximum 3 days anyway, and that's the worse of my arthritis. Usually it goes away the next day. Many experts on alternative medicine people I know (I must be unlucky) concentrates on just only a single supplements such as magnesium (Australia Unique water, using magnesium bicarbonate), one used borax, another used hydrogen peroxide, and yet another used colloidal silver, and I can name a long list of other people who use it. For me it takes a such a long time to heal after reading through some patent applications of the treatment. But based on my own experiments many of them have limited success. Although B complex addition helps with arthritis too, in helping the circulation of extremities and hence an occasional vitamin B complex is essentially helpful. I try to leave no stones unturned, and yet I strive to find the best optimum dose needed to reduce the problem in the shortest possible period, without the side effects. It's no easy task for me and perhaps I am missing some other information not discussed here, such as silicon supplements. The silicon supplement I used are sodium silicate solution, which I can also add, but while they do work quite well if the person can't walk at all, I am conducting trials on that whether it does work well too. Silicon, magnesium, phosphate, calcium, and proline are vital to bones normal growth and nutrition. Phosphate is rarely a problem because of the meat diet. Magnesium is a problem because it is lacking in many diets, proline are the protein matrix necessary to hold the bones together, but calcium in our diets are too excess and acid forming foods cause calcium leeching which kills off the tissue. So I can make a long discussion on the whys, nows and other things regarding arthritis, but all in all, alkalizing, boron, magnesium, vitamin C (collagen synthesis), vitamin D, and vitamin K are important ones. I am not recommending anything here, I am simply telling what I do and my own personal experience and experiments. It's not a perfect experience mind you, but then people don't usually tell me unless I go badger them and that's the only info I have. I am still trying to perfect rheumatoid arthritis remedy and this is the best I can far..perhaps someday..there may even be a cure..for people who are in their 70s, 80s or 90s, but they seemed to be happy. There is one side note that's worth mentioning from some of my recent experiments. Cat's purr, and using a low amplitude vibrator (low repercussion) at 20 Hz - 40 Hz (closer to 22-25 Hz) works in further helping stubborn rheumatoid arthritis area, when it is applied to that area. Most vibrators are too strong on the amplitude so a low setting should help. A cat doesn't have arthritis because it purrs and this purring frequency is what makes the cat recover so fast and their bones heal fast even after a 3 to 4 stories jump from a building. Cats as a species know something we don't and there is a research study on cat's purr too at this link:

Replied by Lorraine
San Francisco, California

Once the RA is cured, do you have to take the Borax for the rest of your life?

Replied by Tina
Sylvania, Ohio, Usa

Hi Ted. I cannot afford to buy get so much Vitamin D but have been reading about how black pepper can increase vit. Bioavailability. I'm wondering if you would know if just taking a dose of 2,000 vit. D with maybe a 1/2 t. of ground black pepper will work to increase bioavailability sufficiently. Thanks, Tina.

Replied by Art
Tustin, California Usa

Tina, According to the following abstract, just making sure to take vitamin D with your largest meal of the day may increase your serum 25 OH D level by as much as 50%.

The 25 OH D level is a standard measure for testing vitamin d sufficiency or insufficiency.


Replied by Daza
Mackay, Australia

Go to a health food shop, get calcium with boron and vitamin d. It cured me and I had severe RA for 5 years. Now I live a normal life.

Replied by Tina

Ted I am 57 and my fingers are deforming from the nodules. one person who took borax/magnesium/baking soda/xylitol ..could u tell me the exact combo of this and foods I should steer clear from. I am willing to try anything my hands look and feel terrible..Thanks a bunch:-0) Tina

Replied by Timh
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Tina. Our dear Ted is recovering from a near-death injury, and will be some time or possibly not recover well enough to participate here on E.C., so don't give up thoughts & prayers for him.

May I suggest to simplify this remedy to Borax only as the other nutrients are simply complimentary. You can take the Borax in water drink or you can also soak your hands in a hot bath of water saturated w/ Borax. Magnet Therapy fallowed by Zapping is also effective at killing the M infection.