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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 385 posts

Dear Tracee: Yes certain pus, infectious buildup, is often due to the need for the body to rid itself of toxins rather quickly and it is my experience that the common remedy (perhaps only for me!)will usually stop fairly quickly:

1. It is necessary to alkalize in cases of infections, you need to do alkalizing and getting loose stools all in one step. The formula is 1 teaspoon sea salt + 1 teaspoon of baking soda, to one glass of water. This will cause the body to rid of toxins pretty quickly. To reduce toxins release by bacteria, and other things, you can add a drop of peppermint oil if you want. This procedure, at least for me is done when the swelling and things is getting beyond control, such as in your case.

2. Once the body rids itself of the mess, the swelling should be noticeably reduced, faster than you expected.

3. If you can find camphorated oil, or a possibly lavender oil, you can apply it, you need to dilute it a if you are going to use sensitive area to apply to the lymph node area in question using either vaseline, or sunflower oil. These will not only reduce the irritation, but also kill the organism dwelling in these areas.

You need to take at least 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid to 1/2 glass of water at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in evening on empty stomach. However, a more useful way is to monitor your urinary pH and make sure they are within the range of 6.5 to 7.35 area. If you are still acid, keep taking more baking soda if need be, or you can take a whole freshly squeezed lemon (looks like a lot) and keep adding baking soda until there is no more fizz and you can take this once or twice a day. The lemon formula will not only control your pH, it also controls the body's antioxidant level, commonly called ORP (oxidation reduction potential) which is measured in millivolts. An ideal healthy body will have a negative millivolt potential, but a sick person will not. This is easily measured with urinary pH.

If you happened to be on a salt free diet, start taking some salt. They are often the cause. If this is correct, then just take only a single teaspoon of it, in one single dose. I have found infections to be in some cases from salt restriction diet. Of course you need to monitor your blood pressure and make sure it is not high, but in practice if sea salt is taken alone on empty stomach, they don't seem to raise it. Most of the problems occur on a high sugar high salt. In fact I can use the salt to raise or reduce blood pressure. Salt + baking soda = causes loose stool, and reduce blood pressure. Salt + sugar = causes a stoppage of diarrhea and increase blood pressure. Two simple formula using salt with totally opposite results.

You should be greatly helped by taking zinc (zinc acetate), selenium (selenium yeasts), chromium and molybdenum supplements (lowers copper and thus normalizes zinc copper ratio). In some cases doing some iodine painting of foot will also raise the body's immune system to fight off your lymph problems.

Most important, that I must repeat: monitor your urinary pH every day and make sure it is alkaline. It is important that you avoid sugar, fructose, corn syrup, glucose, aspartame, etc. They cause the body's infection to be so much worse. Avoid all sweet fruits, especially pineapple, bananas, orange, etc. They fuel swollen lymph glands. It is important to take plenty of zinc supplements 25/mg per day for at least a month.

Replied by Wildcard
Mineral Point, Wi

Seems to be some confusion here. Baking soda is quite "basic" [pH well over 7]; apple cider vinegar/acetic acid is definitely acidic [pH well under 7.0]. Which is it, or both, or more likely - without more than anecdotal evidence - neither?

Replied by Jake L
Fort Smith, Arkansas

I did Teds remedy for swollen Lymph Nodes, and had relief by the next day, I did 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt AND Baking soda. Mine was a lower lymph node and was so swollen and hurting so bad I thought I had a hernia, thank god I didn't. And thanks Ted. I can see myself being 100% in a few days.

Replied by Aaron
Minneapolis, Mn Usa

I tried 1 tsp of kosher salt and baking soda in one 8 ounce glass of water and it was followed by the worst diarrhea I've ever had in my life. Is this what is meant by "loose stool?" Is this a good thing?

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Kosher salt is NOT sea salt! (as far as I know)and your amounts are way too much. Start much much less.

Replied by Aaron
Minneapolis, Mn

The amounts are exactly as Ted posted, for Ted's Remedy. And I'm aware Kosher salt isn't Sea Salt, I didn't need you to tell me that Mmsg. I'm assuming now that the symptoms I had after taking the remedy are a good thing. I'm just curious why this would help with Lymph swelling.

Replied by Mary
Austin, Tx

ACV Rocks! Been having a sore throat for last 3 days and as of yesterday, I was unable to swallow without feeling tender around my lymph nodes. That being said, did a search on home remedies for swollen nodes/glands and came across this article. I took a shot.

1. First chewed on raw ginger which I could immediately feel the heat/spice doing its job to reduce inflammation

2. Took 2 TBSP of ACV in 4-6 oz of water and drank that... Within 15 minutes, my glands weren't as swollen

This morning, I repeated the process and less than 24 hours later, no more swollen glands... Will problly repeat as needed but ACV Rocks!

Replied by George
Melbourne, Australia

I have a swollen lymph node next to my clavicle... I had a ultrasound and it's come back as reactive and they think it's related to an infection... I am taking antibiotics but what can I do to reduce the size of my lymph node.....

Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

George you can go to a health shop and get some vitamin C powder (calcium abscorbate) and take at least 1 teaspoon in say fresh lemon juice or pineapple every hour. You can take as much Vitamin C as it takes until you get a loose bowel movement. If you have an infection you get take a lot before this happens. Google Doctoryourself. com and type in Vitamin C.

Replied by Whitney
Lincoln, Nebraska, Usa

I have tried many remedies to cure my sore throat/swollen lymph nodes. Drinking hot tea. Gargling salt water. Drinking apple cidar vinegar. And I've even done the baking soda salt. But nothing seems to be working. It's been over a week, and I am still in much pain. Is there anything else you can suggest. I'd like to get rid of this as fast as possible. My job requires me to talk to people all day, and it's hard to do my job when it's such a strain to talk, and very painful might I add. Any suggestions will be much appreciated! Thanks!!

Replied by Sharon
Wesley Chapel, Fl

l suffered from sore throat many years due to chronic sinus and sinus drip. I researched and found that if you take lysine 500 mg at the beginning of it, when your throat is slightly itchy, and take a 500 mg tablet every hour til bedtime, it is gone the next day. (about 8-10 tablets) lf you have had a sore throat for a couple of days, you can relieve it using this hourly dose, and you will probably use a whole bottle gettting rid of it at this late date, but lysine is water soluble. L once woke up with strep throat. Once you have had it you well know the knives in the throat feeling. L immediately started with 1000 mg lysine plus 1000 mg vit c tablet every hour with as much water as you can. l was 80% improved the next day, and continued with this "natural antibiotic" and lots of rest until it was gone in 3 days.

Replied by Kazza
Cambridge, England

Hi there, I have great concern for my little 7 month old boy, as he has had a swollen lymph node for 4 weeks, maybe more. I'm not sure if it's one which measures approx 1cm x 1. 5cms, or if it's two very close together, I think it's a Cervical node towards the back of his neck area.

I need to try and check the alkalinity of his urine, but it's difficult when mostly soaked up by a nappy, but in order to make his body more alkaline, I'm not sure what is safe for a 7 month old, as there just isn't a great deal of information available. He does suffer slightly from Eczema on his face and arms in the main, but it's controlled by organic creams and steroid creams whenever it gets worse. The docs believe this is why his gland is swollen, but surely it shouldn't have remained swollen for this amount of time! Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated, at the moment, I'm so concerned for him....Thanks

Replied by Andoy
Boise, Id

If you have no response, suggest you go to and search the site, and then ask Moreless for suggestion.

Replied by J T
Melbourne, Australia

Hello there.. I have just started taking AC V for my swollen neck lymph nodes I feel so much more energy today where as for the past 5 weeks I've been going around like a zombie!! I had a CT scan so I am clear of anything serious thanks to God.... I really think the ACV is working- the nodes are still inflamed but I believe it will reduce and the discomfort has gone by 80 percent overnight I pray they go away sometime soon- thank you everyone on this page for helping with all the excellent info about A C Vinegar.. I'm also a great believer in Calcium ascorbate Vit C... it works well to reduce severities of flus and colds etc.

cheers from Jane, Melbourne

Replied by Ryan
Ontario, Canada

I tried your baking soda, sea salt and water recipe and it put me in the hospital. I was puking blood and if I had stayed asleep I would have died due to the baking soda changing the Ph levels in my blood. DO NOT TRY THIS REMEDY UNLESS YOU LIKE THE EMERGENCY ROOM.

Replied by Alan W

Baking soda and sea salt in such a small dose should not put anyone in hospital with internal bleeding . That sounds more like anti-inflammatory drugs to me. I used baking soda and sea salt, half a teaspoon of each in water, for a swollen gland under my chin, amazing results, pain gone in few hours. Brilliant stuff .