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Posted by Anonymous (Anoymous) on 08/10/2011

Hello Ted, I'm hoping you can help; I don't know what to do as I've had very large swollen lymph nodes on each side of my neck for over a week now, and they are causing a lot of discomfort. My husband had strep throat a couple weeks ago (cured in 36 hours via your recommendations), so at first I thought I caught it, but the white pus spots never appeared on my throat, and while it got a bit sore for a day or two, it wasn't that bad. Then the nodes swelled and I figured it was a reaction to the iodine I had recently started using -- povidone iodine 10% (the only kind I can find here in Jordan), which I've put into my ears with a Q-tip to help stop the itching of a 7-year long fungal ear infection, and painted over my keloids on my shoulders. And I also ate seaweed for a few days and began using iodized salt, pretty much all at the same time (around 3 weeks ago).

Now I'm thinking I ended up using too much, as I didn't take any time off and painted fairly large areas of skin (including my inner ears) multiple times a day. I just now found the four days on/off recommendation and to only paint a small patch with 5% solution. I do also suffer from excess candida, many food sensitivities, some autoimmune problems, foggy brain, poor memory, and also fluoride poisoning (shown by fluorosis of teeth and fluoroderma acne), so I may have also released/killed too much at once(??)

Do you have any recommendations in case this is an iodine reaction? The nodes aren't budging and actually grew larger today. I had two days with no energy and some chills/hot flashes, but otherwise I haven't felt 'sick,' just like I have wounds on my neck giving me a shooting headache and very stiff muscles. I've tried ACV, sea salt with baking soda, green smoothies, lemon juice, spirulina, food based multivitamin, mineral powder, and a bit of bouncing but I can't find a rebounder here. It's Ramadhan now so I'm fasting (no water) during daylight hours but hydrating as much as possible at night. I don't eat processed foods or any chemicals. If this is an iodine reaction, should I try using it again in a few weeks? Do you think it will help with my other problems?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It's likely to be iodized salt and seaweed, but also painting large areas iodine tinctures all at the same time! The most serious is iodized salt caused the most serious reaction, it is not helping as some people with various allergy issues take seaweed on top of that, and to make it worse, if you have swelling you are not allowed to take sea salt too!

The problem of swelling of lymph nodes is too much toxin (die off) build up as the lymph nodes tries to clear the debris, but it is too much and they get clogged. So basically I basically avoid seaweed, iodized salt and sea salt altogether to reduce general swelling. The debris is clogged with proteins and constipation doesn't make any better. So I would consider getting diarrhea with milk of magnesia (with magnesium hydroxide 5% and no alluminum) to clear myself. For the lymph node I will get bromelain or digestive enzymes and take as much as I can handle since there is no standards in digestive enzymes, I will use a common one, say wobenzyme (not the best) and take it two tabs, 6 or 8 times a day, for a couple of days. It also helps if you have astralagus and cordyceps, if you don't, then it does not matter.

The candida is the issue of the body being too acidic and high sugar, so you avoid those, primarily taking baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon twice a day, after meals.

Your concentration will be the enzymes to clear up the lymph congestion due to many junk proteins from dead cells (candida, and others).


08/10/2011: Anonymous replies: "Thank you very much! I was drinking the sea salt/baking soda concoction so I'll definitely stop! (I drank it last night and woke up to my right lymph node taking over my neck...) I also noticed I felt worse after eating green beans with sea salt. Now it makes sense! Do you think I should try iodine again after 2-3 weeks?"

08/11/2011: Ted responds: "Iodine is generally the one that helped, but the sea salt is just too much. Green beans may cause bloating for people as it contains enzyme inhibitors.