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Posted by Z (UAE) on 02/05/2013

Ted, i'm writing to you with alot of urgency today. My son couldnt breathe at night. He started wheezing and shivering. in the morning, we took him to the PEadiatirican who asked us to do X ray of his nose / adenoids. After the Xray , the doctor told us his adenoids were as enlarged as a lemon ! She has given medication and nasal spray for a month to reduce it . IF it doesnt reduce inn size , they would have to do surgery to remove it , otherwise he may get asthma , as he jsut cant breathe.

The Weather here in UAE has become extremely windy and dusty, in spite of us covering him up. PLease PLEase tell me what to do , how ccan i reduce his adenoids and prevent him from having so many sinus related issues?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If that is a problem, then we need a more aggressive treatment such as 500 mg of lysine given every hour for 6 hours. Also N Acetyl Cysteine should be taken at 250 mg every hour for 4 hours. This is the least that can be done and must be done for at least 4 days. Bromelain will break down the obstructed lymphatic tissues, but he must have no honey, no fruits, and no carbohydrates to further reduce sugar to fuel the bacteria/viral growth. There are no standards for use of bromelain supplements, but at the least it can be given say 4 to 8 times a day to help the circulation and breakdown the protein that is obstructing the flow of lymph out of the adenoids. Other digestive enzymes can also help. It works better if the child tries not to eat after 5 pm, the effect of starving increases the digestive juices to digest the lymphatic obstruction. To help this along, he can take B complex supplements to help increase the endogenous digestive enzymes. The conventional treatment is adenoid removal, but in 20% of surgical cases you will have regrowth. Nutrition is better.


Replied by Momof3
Shingletown, Ca

I am an adult and curious if you would use the same treatment for an adult with swollen adenoid as was recommended for a child?

Replied by Paddy

Can I give the same to my 8 year old daughter? She had swollen tonsils as well. How much bromelain can I give her? Could there be any negative side effects to this. How much n-acetyl cystine can I give her? Since the past 4 years she has sweat so much I guess she needs selenium too. What about the baking soda? If I keep a check on the ph. Can I give her that as well?

We are vegetarians. Can she still have yogurt as a calcium source? Or are they a problem? Also she has calcium- magnesium calm.

Kindly advise. Thank you.