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Blackheads From Hypoglycemic Reaction?

Posted by I.

Thank you very much for your response, I really do respect your advice. I have saved everything you have written on the remedy site. I think it is so kind of you to share your knowledge of nutrition with others especially because many people are in the dark about natural cures. I have another question which maybe you could answer-when I get a hypoglycemic reaction my skin gets oily and a few hours later many blackheads have formed in my facial pores. This seems really odd because dermatologists have claimed that it takes many, many days and sometimes weeks to form a blackhead-YET I SWEAR that I can form them after a single hypoglycemic episode. For instance if I avoid hypoglycemia by eating on schedule, not missing any meals and not eating sugar, flour etc then I am 100% clear from acne and blackheads, so from being 100% clear I can see blackheads formed hours after a bad hypoglycemic reaction, if I extract these blackheads and have another reaction the next day then I will have more blackheads in the same pores from which the previous blackheads were extracted. So anyway-my question is why or how does these hypoglycemic reactions cause oily skin and blackheads? My hypoglycemic reactions and blackheads started shortly after taking the antibiotic called "Septra" I had been taking it for about a month. Also do you have any CURE for acne/blackhead scars? They look like big holes. I appreciate your time. Happy Holidays, and God Bless!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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my skin gets oily and a few hours later many blackheads have formed in my facial pores.

The body's antioxidant levels appears limited, as evidenced by the sudden blackheads. First oily skin is a common condition of zinc deficiency and sometimes manganese. So once a week or twice a week zinc acetate/gluconate/citrate at 25 mg should dry up the skin to normal. Some people need more zinc then others because of immune issues. there are many other foods that have some sugar lowering effect, but most are quite hard to find, such as Gumar, known as the "sugar eater" used for treating diabetes. 2 tablespoon Apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon baking soda taken 2 times a day may help reduce some sugar indirectly by increasing the body's metabolism from the malic acid content in the apple cider vinegar. Of course eating plenty of apples will do that too. Certain fruits I suspect reduces sugar, either through its diuretic action or making the body sensitive of the sweetness, such as pomegranate. I am fairly certain about the onions, but food thickeners if mixed in food, I have found a lowering sugar effect as food thickeners cause the body to buffer against the excess sugar from absorbing too quickly into the body that overwhelms the system. One easy to find food thickener that you can prepare is making a medium thick paste of pectin mixed into your food. This will buffer whatever sugar that comes by and doesn't overwhelm the body. Of course a pinch of borax added to the water, will reduce the negative effects of sugar as borax prevents the proteins from reacting with borax and they have done rat studies on that that seems to work too. I take them quite regularly because of that information. There are many more supplements to help hypoglycemia, since one of the primary problems with most people seems to be the issue of pH, sugar, and heavy metals, being the most obvious problems that are hidden in today's health.