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Frequent Urination and Back Ache

Posted by J (Rio Rancho, New Mexico) on 10/13/2007

I am a 73-year-old woman who, of late, have had a bout with frequent urination and backaches which seem to go together. Can you give me any Please help. I haven't found anything on your website regarding this problem. But then, it difficult for me to search too much because to top it all, I have macular degeneration. Any advice will be greatly appreciated Sincerely, Joroybal

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Usually a sign of frequent urination is high bloodsugar, or possible pending problems of diabetes. Don'tworry, I got one myself a couple of years back and thesimplest possible remedy is 1/8 teaspoon of humic acid(black powdered form, similar to ones they used foragricultural or livestock feed), mixed in one fullglass of water. It took only one dose for me and acouple of friends of mine who used it. However, Ithink taking it for two or three days might be better.Dietary restriction of fatty foods, steak, cheese, andvegetable oils are a real problem. Subsitute thecooking oil with coconut oil is safer.

Other remedies that can help is lecithin, onetablespoon a day (important that I take themfrequently), plus some vitamin B3 and vitamin B1, of100-300 mg each, and perhaps a weekly vitamin Bcomplex overally. Chromium and vanadium supplementsare helpful too, but most of the problems can usuallybe dealt with using humic acid, and lecithin.

As to macular degeneration, once the condition setsin, its quite difficult to reverse it. However, we cancertainly delay them. I have found out that maculardegeneration worsens from the use of cellphones andside of the dominating eye which we are so used to,gets hit. Usually, a high triglyceride and cholesterolin the blood after about ten years, often result inmacular degeneration. The lecithin can dissolve andreduce some fats in the body, so that the retina ofthe eyes dont get destroyed with fatty deposits. Thebest remedy for me is the lutein, vitamin C 1000 mg,vitamin E 200 i.u., and vitamin A 25,000 also.

If living in a dark rooms is getting too dark quiteoften a molybdenum deficiency is also involvedindirectly with macular degeneration. Improving nightvision can at least improve some of the problems ofthis.

There is a disinformation out there that involveschecking for sugar in the urine in that a blood testof sugar is a more accurate figure. The problem is that the tests they use to test sugar levels in urineare too insensitive. A more sensitive indicator ofsugar urine is actually more better than blood sugarthrough the use of Brix refractometer. The healthypeople will have about 1.5 brix, but if most peopleactually use this device, they will find themselveswith too much sugar, where the mean sugar are usuallyabove 3 brix for people 40 and above. Hence, thisoften shows higher sugar before a high blood sugar isindicated and can be used as a leading indicator forwhy frequent urination, or even pending potentialdiabetes, or hypoglycemia.