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Potassium, Sodium, and Heavy Metals

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I'm so glad that you were able to respond to my email, thank you very much! I will be using your advice for helping with low blood sugar. One thing I have recently discovered is that potassium (foods high in potassium) will cause lower blood sugar while sodium helps to stabilize it. Taking a special electrolyte mix has helped me tremendously with blood sugar and oily skin. I have been using zinc and can say it works great too, I started it after reading your advice on the website. You mentioned heavy metals, and I wanted to ask a question about this- My health problems and blood sugar problems got significantly worse after having an emergency C-section in which large amounts of sedation and anethesia were used (I almost overdosed). In addition I was giving a lot of morphine afterwards. Do you know if the sedation, epidural, anesthesia and/or morphine I was given might have contained heavy metals? Thanks again!

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Blood sugar are lowered because potassium and some sodium is alkalizing (provided that they don't put HALOGENS, such as chloride forms of potassium!) and it has a diuretic effect, but also, interestingly some water also goes to the stools and the body retains less water and hence the body is able to rid of sugar easier.

Do you know if the sedation, epidural, anesthesia and/or morphine I was given might have contained heavy metals?

Most anesthesia compounds works bypassing the myelin that protects nerve conduction, but at the same time, it may cause the metals to go through to the nerves and go much deeper resulting in conditions of forgetfullness, loss of memory, foggy brain, epileptic siezures (heavy metal short circuiting brain circutis) etc. Metals are more permeable and go deep into the brain in presence of anesthesia, such as chloroform and other modern forms the same. But on the other hand, fluoridated and chlorinated water works on the same principle too. Getting rid of them is another story, which is even much more difficult once the metals goes deep. The only known supplements that can go deep enough and remove them, but should be use SPARINGLY is alpha lipoic acid.

However, artemisia oil, chinese parsley (coriander), and cod liver oil (the purest you can find) will do a good job removing without the problems associated with alpha lipoic acid, that as well as oil pulling in heavy metals to some degree. Acetyl Carnosine or L Carnosine helps remove heavy metal toxicity, but they are quite hard to buy as most buyers are not aware of their benefit.

Overall, alkalizing (baking soda + apple cider vinegar) and granulated lecithin will assist in the body's further removal of heavy metals as metals are oil soluble and it makes it easier for the liver to process them in ridding of the toxins. Ted"


Hypoglycemia is a misnomer, it is yes low blood sugar, but it also means unstable blood sugar. Usually granulated powdered lecithin 1 tablespoon with evey meal or just once a day (if you like to go slow), will have helped remove heavy metals and STABILIZED the blood sugar level, high or low.

High fats protein diets will block the body hormones and lecithin will prevent that as it is a fat emulsifier, aiding an reducing fats and since metals are fat soluble, lecithin makes them water soluble and allow the body to rid of easily.

Yes I knew of one senior lady that had to go to the hospital on hellelujah diets, which consists of eating only fruits and vegetables. You simply can't do that. The sodium becomes so low that the body had no more energy left. Iodine foot painting can raise the blood pressure, but this is done ONLY when you have a problem and done not everyday. An emergency way to raise blood pressure is to buy the simple iodized table salt plus a small amount of honey mixed in drinking water. A more middle road method is of course is baking soda added to the apple cider vinegar OR just taking baking soda.