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Scratching All Over the Body

Posted by Anne (Grimsby, UK) on 03/06/2007

Ailment. For about the past 8 months I have bouts of scratching all over my body, this will continue for a while and varies each time, it could be 5 mins could be 1 hour. Where I have scratched on my body I leave scratch marks, raised scratch lines and redness. When I scratch my face there are red lines where I have scratched which remain on my face for a few mins. This is now embarrassing for me. When I lightly scratch my face I can feel the area get hot, it goes red then will disappear after a while. My scalp even gets abnormally itchy. I am 44 years old and I have wondered whether this could be the onset of menopausal symptoms? I started oil pulling a week ago to see if this would help but nothing really solid to report just yet. Please help, I will value any comments re this.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Anne: The itchiness if often a fungus condition. Consider taking a bath in the evening using pure vinegar. Or perhaps soaking the body for about 30 minutes to an hour in a mule team borax solution.

The other issue is in case of emergency itchiness, consider using lavender oil to apply to the skin. It should go away in minutes. Most weak fungus or other contaminants get neutralize with it.

Still the cause may be an acid condition that encourages fungus condition causing the itchiness. Take 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda at least 2 times a day for about a week. It is a rather mild way to deal with the problem, but it is a long term solution that at least tries to treat the cause.

If all is not working, then 1/8 teaspoon of borax in one liter of water taken only 4 days out of week until it goes away or most is reduced and stopped. You need not take it more than a month. Borax has antifungal properties, but then so is chromium, and selenium, but borax seems to work the best.

If nothing works then the issue is a chemical or heavy metal problems. For heavy metal problems, take fresh coriander (chinese parsley) such as half a handful for 3 to 4 days out of a week. This should at least remove some heavy metals causing the itchiness.

This is then followed by chemical detoxification such as adding 6-12 drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide in 1 glass of water taken throughout the day. Most chemicals get detoxify and the condition is gone.

Of course you can also prepare once a day wet cloth application of 1% hydrogen peroxide to the skin to kill the fungus and the unknown chemical causing the itchiness.

In one case of my friend having a known cause of skin irritation and itchiness from side effects of the drug. A simple way is to wet the body and apply powdered bentonite clay. It will suck up the poisons or chemical toxins. However should be applied and rinsed about 4 times to observe a noticeable improvement.

Certain people do have "sensitivity" or sulfite sensitivity after taking antibiotics. A little known treatment to reduce this is to take about 25 - 50 mg of sodium molybdate, for only a couple of days should be suffice to reduce sulfite sensitivity.