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Any Remedy for Itchy Skin

Posted by Anonymous on 08/06/2007

Hi Ted - I am a 36 year old female, about a year and a half ago, I was introduced to natural remedies and healing, I have been eating and drinking very healthy eg: I was taking daily doses of acv, rubbing coconut oil on my skin daily and eating gogi berries quite often, instead of snacking on candies I will up for the choice of gogi berries. I was also taking daily doses of colloidal silver, (Which I've read that all of the above strengthens the immune system) I must say, the change in life style has been working quite well for me, my skin looks great, I feel younger and just the thought of taking good care of myself left me feeling good about myself. About a month ago I started having bouts of itching in my head, sometimes it will be on my face, I changed my shampoo, my detergent and my cosmetics thinking I was allergic to these things, but nothing helped, the itching is so bad sometimes I am unable to concentrate at the office or on anything for that matter, sometimes it's worst in the night time right when I ready to relax for bed. It also leave me feeling very depressed, where I will run out and buy a candy bar or something unhealthy. I went to my doctor, he told me that I may have something called urticaria, he then recommended that I see an allergist. The allergist told me that I may have an over active immune system, she place me on an allergy treatment for a month( zyrtec), she said that it may help my immune system return to normal. My question to you is, do you think that because of my taking all of the above mentioned, it did send my immune system into over-drive? I hate putting any type of drugs into my system, but for now the zytec helps. Do you have other soultion to my problem? Also I am having a strange heat/warmth feeling coming from between my thighs, I do yogo three times a week, and on one of the tapes that I work out from, the instructor mentioned that in process of detoxication your body my expericence warmth, could this be the warmth that she is reffering to, it also started when the itching started ? I asked my doctor about the strange feeling but he could not provide me with an answer. Please help!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most of the problems of itching can be relieved with taking plenty of vitamin C sodium ascorbate or rose hips however the dose have to be fairly sizeable to work and does go away and sometimes hardly comes back. The dose for vitamin C I take, for my itch at the very least is about 5000 mg to 10,000 mg per day for only a couple of days and the itching never comes back, and I am referring to a severe itching, the kind that gets all over the place. Usually the vitamin C neutralizes what I found much later to be a fungus problem and hence, taking certain supplements such as vitamin C may help.

At the same time, I can also apply simple white distilled vinegar and soak the places where it itches as the white distilled vinegar also kills the fungus. Sometimes even living in a moldy house, like mine can really cause itchy feet all the time and as a rule rather than an exception, a simple remedy is applying vinegar, on myself, and if it is from allergies or a negative reaction to an unknown mycoplasma, sometimes taking a bath in borax or vinegar helps almost immediately as well. It is quite often helps that when laundering certain moldy clothes in a bleach can also help in some cases as well.

Apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoon plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda taken twice a day can also help by alkalizing, certain fungus which causes the itching gets reduce. As a clue: sweets, whether they come from fruits, drinks, fruit juice, etc. can also initiate itchiness. However certain fruits might reduce it such as cranberries. In general if I am caught eating sweets, then I know I have to take at least 5 times the amount of plain water to dilute the sugar buildup, which can often trigger an overactive immunity. For me it is not an overactive immunity, but a fungus often initiate this kind of responses which appears to be so, but are apparently reduced whenever antifungal supplements or home remedies are used.

Changing diet to be of higer protein from fishes (such as tuna, sardines, salmon) can also reduce some itchiness as the protein is broken down in to ammonium compounds which by the way is antifungal and reduces the itching. Of course I would try to avoid vegetable oils and oily food. Ammonium compounds, sometimes I used them to relieve itching too, to wash my arms or legs with 10% ammonium arbonate or 10% ammonium bicarbonate, if I wouldn't be able to find borax or vinegar, or copper chloride 1%-2% laying around to help relieve the itching.