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Itching All Over

Posted by J on 09/30/2007

I just need help because I have been itching for over 6 months. I have been on several prescription drugs which just cause me to be sleepy or to feel drugged(Atarax, Doxipen). There is no rash, just itching (sometime slightly stinging type itch that seems to jump from one place to another (feet to the top of my head). The doctor had me to stop taking all vitamins and herbs. The only thing I take is the Estradiol, HRT (9 yrs). I am trying to be observant as to what is happening when the itching starts. I have noticed that within 5-10 minutes of eating the itching intensifies for a couple of hours. Afterwards, it slows down where it is not as noticeable, but definitely still there. I have changed and eliminated any number of things to see if it helps. From changing detergent, to using baby wash, eliminating wheat products, and no sugar (some fruits still eating). So far this has not helped. Also, there is nerve-tingling type sensations in my hands, feet and my calves. I think I actually noticed this before the itching. I started taking ACV (1 Tbsp daily) back in February after coming across the Earth Clinic sight. My husband was concerned that this might be causing the itching, so I stopped using for a while. However, since it did not stop the itching, I have started using again (for nail fungus). I have recently seen two Gen. Practititioners, an Allergist, a Dermatologist, had blood tests, and a CT scan. The last doctor now wants me to see a Neurologist and also said that cancer was one possibility, but added that he did not think that was the problem. The itching is causing me to become distracted, and the medications keep me drowsy. The other challenges I am having is a pain in my right side, within the last year a noticeable change in my vision, and my hair has become brittle and breaking. Four years ago, I had surgery to remove 2.5 ft of my colon (IBS related). All recent test have been negative. My vision started to change last year to where I started having difficulty seeing at night. The opthamologist said my eyes looked healthy and the biggest change was an increase in the astigmatism. My vision looks granuated at night. My hair has been breaking off and the beautician says it seems damaged, though I have not made any other changes. I do know if these things are related, but listing anyway. I was reading about the hydrogen peroxide regimen and wondered if that might help with this itching. If you have any ideas, they would be appreciated. Thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The itchiness, hair breaking, nail fungus and the night vision seems to be related in one way: mycoplasma or fungus infection. Fungus cause extreme itching if it is in the blood. Molybdenum is a common treatment for candida and fungus, since sodium molybdate have some anti-fungus properties too. The hair breaking is a sign of vitamin C deficiency. Once interesting properties of vitamin C is its anti-fungus properties.

If the person is low on vitamin C, copper, molybdenum, and boron, and quite possibly acidosis, then the fungus can cause itchiness quite severely. My home is teeming with these and I had to clean my room floor with a weak copper chloride solution, about 0.5%-1% concentration. Sometimes I make a mild solution of it to apply on my extremities, feet and hands. A borax solution saturated, means in one cup I may add 2 tablespoon to the 1% hydrogen peroxide and take bath with it. I would certainly smell bad like a chlorine, but both the borax AND the hydrogen peroxide kills the fungus. I might also add 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of borax to one liter of drinking water, take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda once in the morning and once before I lseep in 1/2 glass of water, just to get myself alkalized.

A low copper is indicated and interestingly, vitamin C increases copper utilization, and copper is also has a powerful antifungal properties. Many of today's newer fungus, that was not in existent or widespread is the newer mycoplasma, which I suspect is what causes the problem.

As to the night vision problem, a molybdenum deficiency is indicated here. Since a molybdenum supplements I cannot find, I use sodium molybdate and take 1/16 teaspoon one single dose, weekly until night vision is gone. It takes about 3-4 days to notice improvement, at least it did to me!

However, vitamin A is supportive and helpful for nightvition too in case of a fungus indicated here, it would seem moybdenum would work the best. Still some vitamin A 25,000 i.u. is needed, precautionary. Although a cod liver oil is helpful here too.

To reduce fungus problems, increasing some copper rich foods might be helpful, such as cocoa and vitamin C.There might be other minerals that kills the fungus, but the copper, vitamin C, molybdenum, and baking soda has been tested by me time and time again. Manganese can only be a problem if there is a hair loss, also from a fungus, but not necessary unless a hair loss is noticed. I used manganese sulfate, one tip of the knife dose, mixed in water.Fungus tends to grow well inside the body rich inblood calcium (it seems to be widespread), and hence apple cider vinegar or just a more effective one one whole lemon juice mixed in one glass of water that I would take it three times a day.

A more milder solution instead of a lemon juice, which may upset the stomach for many people, I would use mostly 2 tablespoon of lime juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass or 1 glass of water, taken twice a day. This one can be used in place of just the baking soda remedy taken alone. It may be more effective in the removal of excess serum calcium AND alkalization of the body.

Finally 250 mg of magnesium citrate taken 5 days out of a week that I would take to displace the excess calcium that provide food for the fungus.

Free metal iron, usually from those steel pots and pans, also add fuel to the fungus growth. Hence I would consider drinking green tea (no sugar, no milk,no flavor) at least three times a day. Each green tea that I used to drink, slowly of course, never forcing myself, is 500 cc.

It is generally o.k. to drink fruits, but I like to eat pomegranate when I can, as it is rich in tannins and get rid of both free metal iron (which fuels the fungus) and kills off the mycoplasma and fungus. Tannins are usually found in green tea and pomegranate. Although admitedly I do use tannic acid 1/8 teaspoon in 1/2 liter of water from time to time, to remove the free metal irons and other heavy metals too. Tannic acid is one of the unrecognized chelating agents, that can bind effectively the iron, which might also be useful in the distant future to reduce the symptoms and problems associated with malaria as this binds tightly to metal iron that might starve the microbes that relies on the free metal iron.

Those that I mentioned here is what I used whenever a itchy skin is indicated. I often noticed I get itchy feet whenever my feet are in contact with a floor that is high in fungus count. In that case I might grab a Bo-Peep Ammonia cleaner (follow instructions please, DO NOT SMELL THEM) to mop up and kill the fungus on the floor which causing the infection. I might also laundry all my clothes with a Bo Peep ammonia solution as best as I can so the itching won't come back.

Whenever a person (like me!) is deficient of molybdenum, taking any antibiotics rich in fungus, can cause me to break into hives itchining all over the place. Certain sulfites and sulfa antibiotics added to wines and beer can cause it too, if the person like me is low on molybdenum too.

If a simple remedy is just needed, then a simple lavender oil will do the trick. But lavender oil are used only in milder cases of itchiness. A local application or bathing in vinegar also does the trick too, but it does not necessarily cure the condition.