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Ted's Best Remedies for HIV?

Posted by CHRIS (HOUSTON, TX) on 02/09/2009

please email me back... i read all the things the website tells me i have all the things and when i was reading i was looking for the top one that does it all yall have posted all diff ways to take care of it i would like you to narrow down the top 2 ways to deal with hiv if you could...reguardless of how top secret and fda regulations there is i dont care i need to know stuff i can buy locally taking colloidal silver and have h2o2 and apple cider vinigure but reading you blog i didnt want t take all of it u know...if you could narrow it down to the best solutions plz and send back i would highly apreciate it

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If there is two remedies regarding HIV remedies, being most important ones, then it's got to be 0.5% H2O2 1/2 tablespoon 8 times a day dissolved in a glass of water at least. The baking soda can be added to help make it stronger by adding 1/4 teaspoon, but that's done only twice a day. Lysine is also useful in reversals of the virus, such as at least 2000 mg taken about 4 times a day.

That's the simplest possible remedy although selenium is also required at 1200 mcg being the third most important ones. A colloidal silver is always mixed with H2O2. and I suspect other products called silver hydrosol and other fancy names are simply peroxide and silver mixed together.


Replied by Dee
Ftl, Fl

Ted states that "Lysine is also useful in reversals of the virus, such as at least 2000 mg taken about 4 times a day." based on other feedback on the site, that dosage of lysine is this correct? What is an appropriate dosage to combat the virus?

Replied by Tom
Calabasas, Ca, United States

Human immunodeficiency virus seroconversion condition is a sickness signs or symptoms in which AIDS sufferers go through as soon as human body will start making antigens to battle Hiv. Seroconversion signals continue for approximately thirty days. It typically takes place in the beginning months and months of Human immunodeficiency virus infection every time HIV/AIDS - first indicators of Human immunodeficiency virus infection begin showing up. Many of the most popular signs in the first couple of periods of infection (in case the virus has attacked) are an aching throat, stomach ache, lethargy, skin rashes, soreness, irritated lymph nodes. At one time seroconversion signs or symptoms are gone for good after a thirty day period, AIDS infection improves into its most sophisticated and most long lasting point - the asymptomatic phase, which is thought to go on for a typical Ten several years. Through these years and years, there'll be no popular indicators of HIV/AIDS. Amongst the serious details of AIDS is that often even though, for the period of asymptomatic position, gone will be the signs, the virus can nevertheless be transported within the inflamed man or woman.

Initial examination is the key for enhancing the lifetime of an AIDS affected person. Proper diagnosis of AIDS signs or symptoms in males after six periods is rational then again, you need to put further efforts to prevent the complications of AIDS disorder, if it can be identified after 6 weeks. That's why, the prior AIDS is recognised, better it is. In the event that, Indicators of Hiv that face men after 6 periods are identified then looking for professional medical tests and therapy is obviously imperative. Try to remember, the quicker the procedure begins, less significant is the chance of extra issues.