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Cure for H-pylori?

Posted by John (Mexico) on 02/18/2007

February 17 2007 hermosillo sonora mexico TO ANY DOCTOR ..SIDE SYMPTOMS ..TREATMENT -- NEED INFO.
i need info .about how to cure.. the.. H pylori.. after a treatment, with antibiotics.and takepantozol 20 milligrams day for 10 months.because I get cure the bact..but.still it remains and I have side symptoms.and are not cancer,., in lab test . but make me feel, toxic level after eat some .. times.. and did take the pantozol..20 miligrams..a day .and reduce the symptoms .. .and have cure 50 % only in one year ...by take ..one a day in the morning.and take wen.. felt.. toxic levels.. I take ..the antihistamine medicine .name avapena..active ingredient ..it is .cloropiramine..cloridrate.25 miligrams..one and I'm o.k. but did not cure ok..I NEED TO KNOW THE ACTIVE INGREDIENT.IN THE ..SIDE MEDICINES ..OR THEY NAME ONLY ..IN THE SIDE MEDICINES I NEED.TO ANY .SIDE TARTMENT ..IN CASE.THEY WILL GIVEME.IN CASE I SEE A DOCTOR..TO GAT CURE ..ANY WAY I WLL SEE THE DOCTOR ..AT PHOENIX A.Z AND TUCSON A.Z..AND H OUSTON ..IF IS NECESSARY...... ....THANKS FOR YOUR TIME

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If you want an effective doctor's med against H. Pylori, I am only aware of the use of amoxicillin or tetracycline taken along with Pepto Bismol taken for about one to two weeks before it is gone. I think sodium molybdate 50 mg, is synergistic to the Pepto Bismol in killing off the H. Pylori. Artemisia oil or wormwood acts to deprive iron from H. Pylori, thus further killing them.

I prefer to take natural therapies by taking a couple drop or two of tea tree oil and clove oil internally along with food and empty stomach to clear the stomach of bacteria.

Usually the best ways is to add a small amount of baking soda 1/8 teaspoon with food and 1/4 teaspoon before food to reduce the time the food spends in the stomach, thus starving the H. Pylori slowly.

Most doctors' meds do not cure them because it doesn't kill the H. pylori directly and thus helps long term sales of medicine year in and year out. A cure would not be profitable since you will buy their medicine only once. It is up to you to find the cure yourself. Therefore, artemisia, clove oil, tea tree oil, Pepto bismol, etc. are one of the many natural therapies that can help you.

Replied by Dsmom

Can I take oil of oregano and clove oil to eradicate the h-pylori? I am taking 1g mastic gum and 500mg L-glutamine. I have been diagnosed with h-pylori but will not take the antibiotics. Thank you for your response.