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Treatment for H-pylori

Posted by N on 10/01/2007

Ted, I have been visiting the earth clinic website frequently for information for my husband's problem. He tested positive for H-pylori in March of 2006 and was given the antibiotic treatment which is routinely given in the US for this bactiria.

Immediately after the very strong and large regimin of antibiotics needed to destroy the Helobacter pylori, my husband came down with a cough that would not stop and was a really big problem at night after dinner. His doctor sent him to an allergist who gave him a lot of other medication and to an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) doctor, who said he did not have post nasal drip although meantime he was prescribed all of the nasal sprays and medications available for allergies, although he was found to not have any allergies.

Next he went to a gastroenterologist who performed an endoscopy and concluded he had GERD. He was prescribed Reglan (metaclopromie) and Protonix, and this seemed to be working, no more cough. Then he had a colonoscopy due to rectal bleeding due to hemmoriods, they wanted to rule out other possible causes of bleeding, but again said that he had GERD, and a small diverticulitis. The rectal bleeding he has with each bowel movement and especially after he eats spicy Mexican foods. This doctor told him to stop taking the reglan since it causes memory loss and to loose 25 pounds- my husband is 5'10" and weighs 190 pounds so he is not overweight. The doctor said if he loses weight the reflux would stop.

Next , he was prescribed prevacid and something similar to protonix-- did not work. All along, he has been taking the ACV and baking soda that you recommend. He saw a little improvement with the ACV, but was not taking it regularly and i think only 2 times per day. Ted- my husband never has the burning sensation that most people have with reflux.He only has the cough, he feels like something is stuck in his throat and like there is mucous. He has taken mucinex and it has not worked. He ate chocolate pudding last night before bed and 1/2 hour later he woke up and vomited. The doctor told him to stop coffee but he has to have that Greek coffee every morning and it is very strong. I bought him some of the enzymes you recommended to someone on the site but he only took them for a few days.

Do you have any recommendations for my husband? he is going to Greece for 1 month to visit his family and I don't want them to think he is sick and that coming to America (10 years ago) made him sick. I don't think he will take the ACV with him, but can he take regular vinegar while he is there? If you recommend that he takes ACV and the baking soda, what dosage should he take? I believe that the connection between the h-pylori he destroyed in his system and this atypical cough symptom of GERD is very strong. What can he take to help his body fight the GERD? SOmeone told us acidophilus. What do you recommend? Maybe if you can tell us exaclty what he should do (for the 1 month in Greece and for after he returns) I can print out your response and show it to him? This has been so frustrating, we have 3 small children and both work full time and we are so busy and at the end of the day he tells me he is feeling so badly. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your time and advice!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If helicobacter pylori were not helpful with the original apple cider vinegar and baking soda, and the coughing were not helpful with mucinex.

A more direct method of killing helicobacter pylori is possible with a zinc and magnesium supplements, especially the zinc. Certain other natural sugar such as xylitol, that has shown to kill them too. Hence, if he can't stop drinking coffee, at least adding the xylitol as a substitute sugar should help. Taking some 50 mg of zinc gluconate, raising the zinc levels also will kill the h. pylori directly. If those were not help than an addition 250 mg of magnesium citrate 5 days out of a week, might help too.

The coughs, might be a viral nature, and hence, if I have an incurable coughs, there are a couple of remedies that work. Using 2 tablespoons of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water and use that as a mouth wash. Or taking a small sip slow drink 5 cc at 10 minute interval can kill the cough. Another possibility is I would use a zinc lozenges if possible. The last remedy that has worked for me on an unstoppable coughs were taking 250-500 mg of BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) taken about only a couple of days. Those I have noted to work the best for me.

An even simpler remedy for the coughs is pure lemon juice drank very slowly in small sips ever 10 minutes for a couple of times to several times, and this I found to be quite soothing. It works by acidity of the lemon to kill whathever organism that exists on the throat.

As to the issue of mucus, N Acetyl Cysteine dissolves mucus usually better, at least for me, where the dose is 500 mg/day. It takes a couple of days to notice improvement, but for a BHT the result with me has been faster. Granulated lecithin one tablespoon a day seems to help also.

But in general, I believe it is most important to get urinary pH within normal parameter first, otherwise all other remedies won't work as well as it should. Hence if baking soda and acv don't work, I might consider just 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water twice a day at least for about 5 days to see if it actually helped or not. If not a 2 tablespoon lime plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken twice a day might be the other choice.

Other traditional remedy mentioned elsewhere such as yogurt, antibiotics, and others I experienced has not work very well.

As to why the zinc against helicobacter pylori, there is some studies to indicate this to be the case. But a free iron metal can also increase free radical. Hence, green tea (no sugar, no milk) might in some case help, at least removal of the free iron metals which causes the body's free radicals to be higher. Tannin are good chelators of free iron metals.

As an emergency measure to help with cough, taking a drop or two of peppermint oil helps almost immediately stop the persistent coughs.

Milk should be avoided in the coffee or food, as the milk seems to allergic reaction, which may lead to coughing. At least it happened with me.