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Possible Link to Cancer From Fungus?

Posted by Smith (San Francisco, California) on 11/14/2008

Hi Ted, You are a wonderful person and God Bless you for explaining home remedies for disease.

Last year I was taking Zoloft and had ringworm on a couple of fingers and spread all over my right hand and to the left hand from over the counter products.

As I read on the site, I thought that I had gotten flouride poisoning from the Zoloft, so I stopped taking it. About the same time 11/2007, I got severe menstral cramps with excessive bleeding with dark clotted blood for 2-3wks, when before I had extremely light periods lasting 2-3 days. I never have taken birth control pills.

I am now 46 yrs old, have not eaten meat, poultry and not drank milk for 30yrs. I have always enjoy good health, and normal weight. I gained about 50lbs this past year, with out changing my diet. For a couple of months this last year I did not have a period.

When I was a child I was in a house in Southern California that mold would grow around the windows every winter, even though they were constantly cleaned. My sisters both have had problems with ovarian cysts and endometriosis and as a result my older sister had a complete hysterectomy last year and my younger sister just a couple of months ago. Both my parents died from cancer a few years ago, and had lived in this same house for about 40 years.

I don't think I am going through normal hormonal changes with such excessive weight gain. I don't have any other symptoms of menopause and the doctors say there are no cysts in my breasts or on my ovaries.

I still have the ringworm slightly in between my fingers, but it still is not going away with Earthclinc remedies, peroxide or otc topical creams. The fungus is lerking and could possibly contribute to me getting cancer, please advise as I value, trust and respect your opinion.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Link of Cancer Fungus: In science they used a fairly narrow word that describes mycotoxins which is a fungus toxins. This also includes aflaxtoxins. They are well known to be cancer causing. It's fairly common for the entire family living with fungus to suffer from either cancer, skin fungus infection, polycystic ovarian syndrome, skipping of periods, and other related diseases. What throws some people off the tracks on the issue of cancer is the statement that a cancer is a virus, as per Cancer Virus Project that President Nixon initiated as a War on Cancer, but many observers mentioned it was an AIDS development project. Anyway, a cancer virus are filterable, which means they are so small it goes through even the a very fine filter and be able to infect healthy cells causing cancer. No one would imagine a fungus spores or related species to be filterable, but it doesn't matter, it can go through our breathing passages and once infected in the blood, is extremely difficult to rid of.

Yes, even some remedies have great difficulty getting rid of it. I am presently looking for something that is very strong or having very strong properties of anti-fungal properties or fungicide and so far I have found to be azoxystrobin, which is commonly sold as fungicide that seems most powerful that I know of, its' not sold as human medicine,but being a natural organic compound and dose used is low such as drops are used does have a positive benefit. The other thing to reduce the effects of fungal toxins is the BHT. Most alkalization remedy do work, but they can't completely eradicated for a simple reason: long term infection has gone deep. Hence a much more powerful remedy maybe called for which is, if it's just ringworm of the finger, then a 1: 1 solution of bleach is possible or an even undiluted one I do know can kill them off completely when soaked for a couple of minutes. However that's too strong for most people and I would settle for a diluted 1: 1, but some has persistent issues and they do require an undiluted solution. The one problem is that I generally don't like the use of bleaches unless I have too and have settled for other such as tannic acid, copper chloride 5% solution, pure white distilled vinegar, and even soaking for hours with lemon juice. If all else fails, then I might consider the use of chlorine compounds such as chlorine bleach, or a 25% sodium chlorite drops with several drops of vinegar, or citric acid for example. There are also other solutions without resorting to chlorine bleaches such as a diluted Hydrochloric acid 5% where it is soaked for minutes and withdraw when stinging starts. Hydrochloric acid is fairly powerful antifungals also.

As to your issue of period, those are often due to fungus infecting the glandular systems. The glandular systems is relatively defenseless mostly when it is attacked by fungus. To neutralized this I often use borax, but in case of a missed period, it requires much more than this,besides alkalization, is the addition of potassium to the baking soda. The fungus are destroyed two ways: one by alkalization (usually the simplest is baking soda), the other is to ALKALIZE the intracellularly through the use of potassium, or those that RESEMBLE potassium but are much more electropositive such as Cesium Chloride, Rubidium chloride. However the next step to remedy is the use of 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda plus 1/4 teaspoon of potassium citrate (or potassium bicarbonate), with 1/8 teaspoon of borax in a drinking water. The second thing is ovaries or calcification of ovaries is what is causing the clotting excessive bleeding and ovarian pain. A fluoride will quickly calcify these ovaries and other glandular systems, such as the pineal gland, which is the center that instructs other glands to function. That's why borax is used, to remove that fluoride to some extent. The most important issue is magnesium supplements 500 mg of magnesium citrate a day plus a very important aspect to prevention of ovary damage is the chromium supplements. I personally used chromium chloride because they are cheap and because the chloride component AND the chromium are antifungals from different points of view. A blood sugar spikes causes two things in the body whenever pancreas is damage (it is at this stage -from long term fungus exposure) so a dose of between 1000 - 1500 mcg of chromium chloride is preferred. A selenium supplements are also helpful. The selenium by the way is also antifungals. BHT is necessary to reduce the toxicity of a fungus toxins and is helpful. Magnesium will reduce the ovarian pain and reduce the calcification, but this must be taken with an alkalizing remedy. One alkalizing remedy to reduce excessive calcification is always the lemon juice, or lemon juice mixed with baking soda and potassium citrates. The usualy remedy is 2 tablespoons of lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda three times a day. If magnesium and alkalization is taken for three days in a row, the ovary should reduce pain and normalization is possible after the next period of menstruation.

A person with long term exposure can cause a woman to be obese while in some men becomes too skinny or too fat is the same. Hormonal imbalance is caused by fungus suppressing glandular functions. This includes calcium and especially fluoride. A person with a vegetarian diets is not perfect while meats can dramatically worsen the conditon, a vegetarian can result in obesity because diets in vegetarian are lacking in three things (usually), which is vitamin B12, L-carnosine and Taurine. An optimum dose of B12 might be 100 mcg, L carnosine perhaps 2000 mg, and 1000 mg x 4 Taurine supplements. These will help reduce weight slowly. A DHEA supplements can increase energy levels greatly but the body cannot handle it's negative effects of free radicals and hence a woman's dose might be 12.5 mg taken for only 2 days or 3 days out of a week as part of weight reduction whereby tapering these dose to just once a week if at all possible. Some woman who followed by dose actually became Evel Knievel by taking 100 mg of DHEA for a week and she feels like Rambo, in which case the body just gave up completely on the second or the third week with a bad case of acne and more ovarian issues again. So it's all about moderate dose with some "vacation" periods you give to the body. You simply can't put nitroglycerin to the stove burner. Sure, there's more heat, but the stove could blow up.