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Posted by Tom (Usa) on 05/01/2014

Ted- I just posted on earth clinic. I have a fungal infection in my head--not good--I am presently doing the borax and oil of orageno and lugof iodine--drinking and rinsing with a saline solution--the lugof's-drinking just 4 drops of 5% a day.doing baking soda morning and night. I feel well enough to do a little around the house and go see doctors--none of which believe I have a fungal infection. I know this is very serious--do you know how long the borax will keep working--should I switch over to boron--how long can my system handle the borax--do you know any usa drs I can go see--would you know if the borax will combine with other remedies or fda medicines --please help am desperate--what about a rife machine--have used a hilda clarke mag pulser with some success--have used ozone ear insufflations--a bit too much--my lungs have become sensative to the ozone.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most fungal infections is suppressed topically is always fine, there is no accumulation. A person can take these pinch of borax for several months. Sodium thiosulfate and potassium iodide also helps. They can be applied in solutions too. In some cases vinegar is also anti fungal as well as red LED light shown on the head of 1 to 3 hours.