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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 391 posts

I had a feedback of a child that had monthly epileptic seizures. The remedy for that one for a child anyway was 1/4 teaspoon of citric acid and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, and some magnesium citrate supplements,which was about 100-150 mg. A foundation exists because a disease exists, if there were no disease, a foundation would not exist and people would be out of a job. Hence, the system perpetuates the disease. An epileptic seizures at least on my observations were at least a couple things (but more) as the cause that can be considered in a home remedy: A heavy metal toxicity and hence magnesium reduces this problem.

An alkalization increases oxygen and the brain can heal itself.

A lecithin supplements for a child, for example might be 1/2 tablespoon a day. The lecithin promotes myelin sheath.

Both the myelin sheaths if insufficient the brain short circuits as there is no insulation to protect electrical neural travelling. The lecithin promotes myelin sheaths. Heavy metals are electrically conductive and causes the brain to short circuit. I have seen some children with epileptic seizures where the CAT scans show as white dots (metals absorbs the radiation so they appear white) on the brain. Those were the heavy metals that deposits.

Oh yes, and one more thing, vitamin C sodium ascorbate vitamin C is important as the brain has large stores of them necessary to protect against oxidants. A 250 mg dose will usually help too.

Replied by Luis Miguel
Arvada, Colorado, USA

I am from Lima, Peru, South America and currently live in Colorado, USA. Currently I am sixty (60) years old and have suffered epilepsy (Version: Grand Mal) since I was fifteen (15) years to sixty years, ie along forty-five (45) years I carry a cross named Epilepsy. Almost all my life I have taken tablets that controlled epilepsy Tegretol, Phenytoin sodium, Mysoline, Epamin, etc. But that does not serve me. Here in USA, I knew the Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate), and this will work. My recipe is: 1/4 tea spoon in a glass of water before going to sleep. FROM A YEAR AGO I DID NOT TAKE ANY TABLETS, AND I DO NOT HAVE ANY MORE SEIZURES. THANK YOU MY FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN. God Bless America, this Baking Soda and this lovely website."

04/24/2011: Amy from Houston, Tx replies: "Hi Ted, My mother started getting epileptic seizures when she was 40. She is now 51 and for a moment there, we thought she was cured (it went away for a couple of years) but has now returned. She refuses to take her meds because of the side effects, but I also need my sleep since her attacts seem to be nocturnal. I really hate to see her go through this. She thinks it has someting to do with food, but there's always diffrent ones she complains about. My question is, do you think the epsom salt/orange juice or the baking soda/lemon juice is a option for my mom? Can I try both? or is that too much? I have her taking orange juice/epsom salt, lecithin 1120 mg, magnesium complex 200 mg, and B Complex. Anything else you suggest? Are the amounts ok? Thank you so much for your help, I would really like my mom to get better somehow since her meds are out of the question.

Thank you...

Replied by Erika
Middletown, Ct

I am writing to the person who posted Ted's Remedies. I really like your advice and I was hoping to speak to you more about your advice. My daughter suffers from seizures and they have been getting worse. Please if you can call me at 860-316-5080 or email me at EDeRaffaele(at) I have many questions and I really believe you can help my daughter. What you're saying makes so much sense. I really hate the way the USA treats their patients with all different kinds of Medication. I really want to go about this the most natural way possible. Thank you so much.

Replied by Indi
Topeka, Ks

I have epilepsy that is triggered through hormonal changes and food allergies has she been checked for those. I have to avoid corn , there is even hidden corn alcohol in salt so people have to live on a whole food diet made from scratch at home to see any real benifit. This is the only way to be sure. Also at night valerian with hops is great. But it doesnt last all night and its not recommended for everyday due to the possible toxicity levels in the liver. Im going to try the baking soda at night. And vit. c.

Replied by Jennifer
Russell, Bay Of Islands., New Zealand.

Hi Amy, from Houston, TX.! -May I offer some ideas? -I suspect you may run into difficulty with over-active bowels if patient is given Epsom Salts to consume.. (so hard to get dosage just right :) --Far better to go to a good-quality HealthFood Shop, -(hopefully you have one nearby?)-- or order some Magnesium supplements Online! =>.. But also, if you can find a Bulk-store where they sell quality Epsom Salts (Mg. =Magnesium)in large bags... Say 10kgs, or even 25kgs. And then: dissolve 2or3 cups-full of the Magnesium crystals (Epsom Salts) into a bowl of hot or very warm water... &then pour this into a nice big Bathfull of warm water =for your Mum to have a lovely, long & relaxing soak in it! ... If you help her to do this not long before going off to bed for the night, you might just find that, because the Magnesium is so badly needed by all the nerves & muscles, &indeed by all parts of the body! - that this is a very enjoyable and safe way to supply it... Because the skin is the largest 'organ' of the body, & it sure knows how to soak-up the valuable Magnesium in the Bathwater! --Just a further thought, though, ... Is that IF you are in a situation like most 'urbanised' folks -who's house is supplied by "Town-supply" water! ... Then this is usually loaded with harmful Chlorine! ... &sometimes Flouride as well... So if you go to the web, you should be able to ask there, how to get a "whole-house" type of water-filter which can get rid of the damaging Chlorine =(destroys your immune-system! ), &the Flouride as well. =Ask Dr. Joseph Mercola, & he'll soon put you 'in the picture'! --Meantime, a few baths with Epsom Salts, before bed, will help to strengthen your Mum's nervous system, & hopefully reduce her nighttime seizures! - I hope this is helpful for you. Also, give her B-Complex Vitamins each day, along with some extra B6. Vitiamin, each day. -- All the best. :) -Jen.

Replied by Aodhan
Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

On the epilepsy page there is a remedy that caught my eye, the baking soda in water... I only have been diagnosed with petite mal but have had 2 grand mal fits over the course of the 4years I have been diagnosed and recently I had the second one while babysitting my niece and I absolutely terrified her and need a way to stop them. Tablets arent for me I cant swallow them and thought maybe it could work for me as well?

Replied by Josie
Columbia, Md

My fiance has sufferered from epileptic seizures since 4 years ago due to a trauma - that was both emotional and physical in nature. They have subsided greatly with a dabbing of Celtic sea salt on his tongue if he had a seizure. Also they have been greatly helped since we added a chelated form of magnesium salts (they are wrapped in an amino acid). When you take a magnesium supplement that is wrapped/binded to an amino acid - not the magnesium citrate version, you do NOT get an irritated bowel in the least and you absorb far more magnesium as well - about 70 to 80 percent more! He has been improving steadily yet gradually and I suspect he has heavy metals in his body (blood test will be done to confirm or deny my suspicions). In the meantime he is taking Dr. Todd Ovokaitys' product (which is the magnesium wrapped in an amino acid). You can find this magnesium here: This is the best magnesium I too have ever taken.

Milk of Magnesia I do not recommend for getting your intake of magnesium from. You will have diarrhea too often.

If you take Epsom salts for your magnesium, you will get way too much diarrhea unless you have fasted for a good day. Besides they taste nasty, really nasty! I would not recommend Epsom salts to ingest but more to absorb magnesium via the skin in a bath with 3 cups of it. You will sleep like a baby if you do this, and might even fall asleep in the tub like I do :)

Replied by Lemontwist
Houston, Tx, Usa

I like that you put this together and the success others that are having with using 1/4 teaspoon of Baking Soda and Citric Acid (Lemon Juice from an ACTUAL Lemon), but as I continued the search (as I too am finding a solution to a natural alternative to NOT taking Phenytoin any more as I too have a nocturnal seizure disorder) I also found this link here in my search:

Seems to point out quite the opposite effect and can cause brain damage. Since I really don't like LiveStrong's site too much (as it's more propagandized garbage with only some value), I went from taking a full teaspoon (as I'm 190 lbs and thought taking a bit more might compensate for my body mass), but now I'm taking (right before bed) a 1/2 a teaspoon with a quarter cut (large size) squeezed lemon and 325 mg powdered Magnesium.

Also, it seems to be the ONLY powered and best absorbale Magnesium on the market as others are in a pill form that don't break down enough in your system to be fully used. This stuff INSTANTLY disolves and using the Citric Acid, it helps absorb even more into your system. Also, it tastes FANTASTIC. I also take 3 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. The fatty acids from that also calm down and feed your brain at the same time. I've been on quite a few sites and gathered all this info. Also, I'm on a Kenogenic Diet (lots of eggs and bacon - and YES it IS good for you - you NEED to feed your brain and body cholesterol as that is one of the key ingredients your body needs). I've eliminated almost all sugar from my diet as that was a "trigger" for the hyperactivity my brain DOESN'T need. I also take ___ a weight loss product for the past 5 months (found here) and have actually LOST weight. You would think by going on the Kenogenic Diet (high fats, proteins and low carbs) I would have GAINED weight. Well, I've gone from 201 lbs and in two weeks have lost 13 lbs. I'm now 188 lbs. By the way, Although I'm around 190 lbs, I'm tall and broad shouldered and only a 34 waist, so I'm a trim guy and now I'm at my ideal weight. I also eat lots of veggies during the week.

Please let me know if taking more Baking Soda is harmful. Later :-)