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22 Year Old Daughter with Recent Epileptic Seizures

Posted by Silvia (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 06/02/2010

Hi Ted,

I have a 22 years daughter with epilepsy, it started last year in August with right arm seizures, then in Nov. a sleep walking episode and then another one after a month, she seemed then to be somehow consious and didn't have the usual seizures and she won't remember any thing in the morning. Seizures always occure at night, first once a month now for the last month every 2 weeks. She did not have head injury, just a lot of stress and dissapointment with school. She used to be vegetarian for 3.5 years until now, we are thinking of implementing some Ketogenic diet which seems to work best based on our researches. The dietary changes seems to work as to the arm seizure, she only have them once at night and not many times during the day as before. Also, I forghet to mention that the grand mal starts with the seizures in the right arm but with a great pain, like someone was twisting her arm. Now she wakes up with this feeling and she knows she's going to have a seizure. I read your remedies on Epilepsy, now she is not a child nor she had head injuries; used to be very healthy and didn't take any medication or vaccine for 15 years. Does the same treatment apply? Do you have other recomendations? Best regards. Silvia

Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
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I am sorry about you daughter,,now you said she was a vegetarian for many years,,,did she eat a lot of SOY products?? do some reasearch on your computer on 'toxic soy research reports' you well be schocked,,,read all your food product and animal feeds,,anything with soy in it do not use,,,I even found soy oil in some bottled salsa!!! My family has had 5 dogs that developed large balls of growths on their bodies that killed them,,and many people are having thyroid problems, the soy is toxic and killing people with many different desases,,do not give babys formula with soy!!! Eat fresh cooked food that you make,,Merryane

Replied by Jesse
Honolulu, Hi

Check for heavy metal poisoning. Have the complete blood test done as it sounds like she's having reactions to heavy metal build up. The test is expensive and your doc. will have to order it. make sure you ask for a complete panel, not just the main culprits.You would be surprised to find that mercury is an ingredient used in the new energy saving light bulbs. If one breaks, powdered mercury is released and almost impossible to clean up. It even says on the packaging that a HAZMAT team is needed to clean up the broken bulb. Also contacts and contact solution contains thimerosal. Also many hair dyes... the list is long. I hope that your daughter returns to health quickly.

Replied by Silvia
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hello, thank you for your suggestions. Yes, she eat soy products, mostly organic though. Also, about the heavy metal poisoning, I don't know, she does not have any amalgam fillings on her teeth. She was very healthy, the only problems were exema in her hands in winter only, the dry cracking skin with bleeding, and excruciating pain during periods. Somehow, these seem to went away. As I mentioned we changed the diet completely and she also takes: sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate and potassiom citrate in the dosage mentioned by Ted. Also, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda with jus from a lemon in water. Her blood work showed deficience in iron, actualy her iron is at 9, extremely low and now she's taking iron beside magnesium, taurine and multivitamin supplement including B comples and sodium ascorbate. I'm still waiting from Ted's input on this but I will keep your informed. Silvia

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Silvia:

Most vegetarians immune system are generally low, that's why they have the eczema. It's even worse if chocolates were put into the equation. The arm numbness at the very least is helped with some vitamin B1, usually 50-100 mg a day.

As for the seizures, what prevents a seizures is the myelin sheath.The component can be taken through supplements such as granulated lecithin, being the most commonly used, and then is followed closely by salmon fish oil. Heavy metal is possible, but there is no evidence of that. The third is metabolic acidosis, and alkalization is needed. Acidic blood, especially acidic brain makes them more conductive to electricity, which may initiate a seizures. Certain excessive calcium such as cysts, or sharp calcium deposits may cause damages to myelin sheat and that's possible too. Take plenty of magnesium is therefore helpful, but calcium is generally avoided. The preferred magnesium is magnesium citrate (preferably in the form of trimagnesium citrate - but commercially they are lagging in selling this), and the more common magnesium chloride, but are generally not easy to acquire. Certain chewing gums tend to initiate seizures, whether they are xylitol chewing gums, where they tend to add aspartame, being the major artificial sweeteners that's most dangerous. Taking other sugars may not be that bad, but excessive use can result in serious electrolyte imbalances, such as sorbitol, maltitol, etc. When there is an electrolyte imbalance, a seizure is possible. Supplementing with omega 3 fish oils and lecithin are two I am likely to use. Finally, I also use sodium thiosulfate crystals (photo shops call them hypo), and is commonly used as a dechlorinator, but this also has an effect of detoxing highly oxidative chemicals by neutralizing them. The thiosulfate, however is more well known in treatment of cyanide poisoning, such as what occurred during the Bhopal disaster. Less death would have occurred if more doctors would administer more doses of that. However, the thiosulfate also neutralizes other chemical poisons and I used this to help sleep, as do B3, and N Acetyl Cysteine, since melatonin only works temporary.

The dose of sodium thiosulfate might be 1 crystals (which is about 1/16 teaspoon) in a liter of drinking water. If the child is unstable or seizures, larger dose may be necessary such as 1/16 teaspoon of thiosulfate (or one rice crystal size) in a 1/2 cup of water, usually in evening hours to prevent them from occurring in nights.


Replied by Silvia
Toronto, On

Hi Ted,

Thank you so much for everything. Finally, I got my sodium thiosulfate, ending up paying more for the charges that for the product. I can't understand how photo shops and pharmacies don't have it. Anyway, going back to the treatment I need some imput from you:

1. Can sodium thiosulfate solution be combined with something else? I was thinking of adding the lemon just since she is working and if she does not have a chance to drink lemon & baking soda during the day. It's too much at night with all the supplements. She also takes sodium carbonate & sodium bicarbonate & potasium citrate combination before sleep.

2. Is it OK to put baking soda in capsules and drink lemon just in water? She does not like the taste of baking soda.

3. As I mentioned she is a vegetarian, you mentioned vegetarians have low immune system but precisely for her condition, should she eat meat or no?

4. She is taking a whole bunch of vitamins and supplements including B complex, Taurine, phosphatidil choline, multivitamin complex, chromium piclolinate, omega-3, and fish oil and now she is complaining about having to take too many. My question here is she has mood swings and gets upset easily, what should I do?

5. Lecithin granules is better than liquid, or phosphatidil choline?

Thanks and regards,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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In answer to your questions:

1. Can sodium thiosulfate solution be combined with something else?

Yes, it can be combined with other drinks.

2. Is it OK to put baking soda in capsules and drink lemon just in water? She does not like the taste of baking soda.

A baking soda in capsule won't cause heart burn, but if you put it in with sodium carbonate or potrassium citrate you may have problems. Generally it works best with lemon and water.

3. As I mentioned she is a vegetarian, you mentioned vegetarians have low immune system but precisely for her condition, should she eat meat or no?

A vegetarian will be low in certain amino acids. However, for general immune system, the supplements to use is glutamine, lysine, and threonine. Vegetarians maybe low on proline and cysteine. A supplements with these should help the immune system, if you are a strict vegetarian. Protein rich foods can be found in beans and soybeans for vegetarians.