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Any Correlation Between Seizures and Excessive Yeast?

Posted by Anon on 05/01/2011

Hi Ted, my boyfriend has recently been having seizures and had 3 within a two week peeriod which he had only had one every ten months or so prior to that. I read about soy and he had been drinking coffee, another trigger with soy in it. I took him to get a colonics and she said he was filled with yeast and lucky me, I have now been getting yeasts infections which I have never gotten. Do you think there is any correlation to the yeast & the seizures? He has started acupuncuture & has started dietary changes because he really doesn't want to take anti seizure medicines at all.

Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated as far as appropriate supplements, diet or anything else. Also, do you think the colonics would be beneficial to him? I am also a nurse, so trying to pull the pieces together to heal him in a holistic manner is fasinating to me. Thanks for your help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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To clarify, the yeast remedy is applied inside the vaginal area. It is 1/4 teaspoon of tannic acid in 1/4 glass of water. That is my remedy that is effective against this. It takes between 3-4 applications. It works on men too. Apparently they get infected after intercourse. The yeast infection seems to last forever, and it affects childbirth and ability to get pregnant. You have to destroy these buggers first before having a baby or the baby gets infected, among other things.

The application must be where the yeast is located. Vaginal area is often the inside and outside is the area of application. For men it if he has foreskin, then that area inside of foreskin and general area outside it. It must applied at least 3-4 times to work. Other remedies do not work as well as tannic acid. Expect more skin scales as the die off occurs during that 3-4 times. It only takes 3-4 days to heal. I don't know what other people are using but this one works the best. H2O2 doesn't work as well and neither does vinegar (it stings!). I have been telling people in Bangkok for years.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Colonics may help with the yeast infection but it will only be temporary. You must get your pH of your body to a 6.5 to 7.3. The pH is measured by pH paper strips you urinate on and then measure.

Easiest way to get to optimal pH is 1/4 teaspoon baking soda in an 8 oz glass of water 30 minutes after meals, three times a day. This will help stabilize the pH so it will be favorable pH for microflora to grow and so you won't be doing colonics forever. Yeast infections are relatively common and my method is to use 1/8 teaspoon tannic acid, plus 1/4 glass of water in areas they are yeast. You might need several applications. The alkalization is essential to stop seizures. Another remedy is B3 niacinamide 500 mg taken before sleep.