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Simple Emphysema Treatment

Posted by Dave on 10/01/2006

I heard that a cure or help for simple emphysema could use acv and hydrogen peroxide but in what amounts I don't know?Is there anything to this? thanks; dave

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Dave: Usually inhalation of 1% solution H2O2 mixed in ACV should be the proper way to give it the killing power of fungus causing emphysema. If it was due to damaged aveoli caused by tobacco, then some cleaning ability of ACV and H2O2 should provide some relief. The H2O2 and ACV will detoxify the pollutants, while the acv solvent-like action might dissolve some other things in the tissue which might possibly help aveoli recovery and repairs needed. A simple way to test ACV's restoration is applying them on your arm leave it for a couple of minutes and rinse. The next day you should notice some suppleness in the skin. This is due to ACVs action in removing some hard fats and microscopic calcium which can be analogous to the situation similarly to the lungs.

Replied by John
Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa

I am told that chlorine in our water attacks and neutralises H202, so I use filtered water and toss the water from one jug to the other to allow the chlorine to escape. I then use a vaporiser, that usually heats water and steam passes next to the concentrated H202. But I found that, adding 1/2 L H202 x 35 to the water in the vaporiser is far more effective. Iset this up at night and we sleep with the vapour filling the room.

Now Ted, please tell me where I can get your mix of DMSO and MSM (tars) off my wifes lungs? She now needs to get elasticity back into her lungs.

When I had a heart attack it was quelled by Dr Matthias Rath who also supplied the nutrient necessary to rebuild the heart over 4 years, which has been done. What nutrients are required to rebuild the lungs and are the lungs recostituted naturally with nutrient help?

Replied by Charles412
Indianapolis, In

Yes, distilled water must be used.