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Can DMSO Be Mixed with Peroxide and Inhaled?

Posted by Richard (Flint, Michigan USA) on 02/27/2009

dmso and emphysema: a question for Ted, could dmso be mixed with hydrogen peroxide and inhaled to dissolve tar in the lungs?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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No! A DMSO can never be mixed with hydrogen peroxide if inhaled. DMSO will neutralize the hydrogen peroxide. DMSO is used for COPD. A hydrogen peroxide is used for clearing bacteria and excess fluids out of the lungs. They are used separately and for a different purposes.

Replied by Jim
Fairfield, IA

My mother has COPD and was prescribed by a doctor a solution of hydrogen peroxide and DMSO which is added to glutathione for inhalation using a nebulizer. The doctor prepares the H2O2/DMSO solution and sends it to my mother which she adds to the glutathione prepared by a compounding pharmacy. This treatment has been used by this doctor for several years with excellent results and my mother has seen improvement even after only 1 week of using it 3 times/day.

Replied by James
Silver Creek, Georgia, Usa

Hi Jim. I was intrigued with what you stated about your mother who has COPD and gets a solution of H2O2 DMSO from her physician to be compounded with glutathione by her pharmacist for use in a nebulizer. And, that this has helped your mother after just one week, and the physician has been having good results with this combination for several years. I also have COPD and would like to know the name of her physician in order to contact him for possible similar therapy. Thanks, James

Replied by Mindy4704
Nesqahoning, Pa, Usa

i would like to also know the name of the dr because I am also struggling with emphazima

Replied by Gerry
Davie, Florida

Hi, Jim from Fairfield I also have Copd and was also hoping to get the name of the Doctor and his number# that is helping your Mom. Hope all is getting better with Mom.

Replied by Charles412
Indianapolis, In

Hi Jim, I too have Emphysema COPD Mild case right now More Info would be great.