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Best Alternatives for Elderly Father W/ Emphysema, Now on Oxygen?

Posted by Ashraf (Johannesburg, Southafrica) on 01/25/2012

My father developed lung fibrosis while in hospital during Mar 2011. (He had emphysema from his early days when he used to smoke. ) Since then he has been put on assisted oxygen. He has been in hospital 3 times after that, as he just couldn't breathe. He has just deteriorated and now is on permanent oxygen. He cannot even walk 10 steps and his oxygen level drops. His doctor has told him that there is nothing medically he could do more to help him.

Can anyone help???? I have been reading about aloe vera, vinegar, bua bok.. Where do we start and how do we take it? Has anyone had any positive experience with these alternatives? We are so desperate to see this old man who once was such an out going person, so helpless and confined to his arm chair. Please can someone out there help?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Well, its going to require a lot here, but will mention some well known ones. N acetyl cysteine 250 mg x 4 (to reduce phlegm and for detoxification), lycopene or tomato paste one small can a day, in form of tomato soup (to help reduce emphysema), colloidal silver may help somewhat (as an antibiotic), taken at 1 teaspoon a day for an entire month, L carnitine 1000 mg x 3 times a day (for energy), selenium 200 mcg x 3 (to assist in glutathione production as antioxidant), vitamin E 200 iu., (antioxidants for the lungs), vitamin A (to help moisture of lungs), MSM to help fungus in the lung 1000 mg x 4, lysine 1000 mg x 4 to help regenerate the lungs. CoQ10 300 mg or 400 mg, to help his energy. I can go on more, but those are the major ones.


Replied by John
Mid Rand Village, Gauteng South Africa

Ted, My wife has emphasema. I am using a vaporiser, with about 1/2 liter H202 x 35% in about 3, perhaps 4 liters Brita filtered water. The vaporiser is left on overnight in the bedroom. How do I get the msm into her lungs? and what quantity, the msm is in powder form? I am advised that msm will not desolve in water, nor with HP.

She shows liver spots, how do we rejuvenate her liver?

And finally, how many lives have you saved, we are greatful to you for the time you so generousl give, thank you, Cathy and John