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Posted by Alice on 11/10/2009

hi ted, i know you're a very busy man and im sorry if im disturbing you only i need your help and advice from your forums i've read on earth clinic. i think you're the greatest man on earth, very wise and considerate to people. i've read your cure for c o p d emphysema and i've tried hydrogen peroxide therapy. only got to 6 drops and had to stop because i have 2 silver fillings and i couldn't breathe. also had a silent heart attack 8 months ago on my right side. on tablets for high blood pressure and high cholesterol and aspirin to thin blood, 2 inhalers for c o p d emphysema symbicort 400 and spiriva respimat 2,5 micrograms.

i am losing weight constantly i also take a protein drink every day. i am getting dizzy spells for the last 5 days and pain in right side of my head just near my temple. i started takeing msm about 3 weeks ago 2 grams twice a day and cayenne pepper with my meals just sprinkled over my food. i am 56 years old female 4 foot 10 inches in height 28 kilos in weight and dont feel good at all no energy cant walk more than 15 steps and have to sit down for half hour. i feel like a prisoner in my house so please ted if you can spare some time for me and give me some advice i would be grateful. god bless you alice

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Alice:

A vitamin B complex, or a B50, for people with extreme weakness may require taking this two to three times a day, with meals. Too many protein drinks congest the blood flow, hence the pain resulting from the drinks. The b50 will increase the appetite with a matter of a week or so. The low energy may further be helped by taking a good digestive enzyme (capsule form only) along with meals. It's often about 2 capsules of digestive enzymes. If at all possible, I would likely prepare a 0.1% concentration methylene blue, take that 2 drops twice a day. And if a person wants to have more energy than that, then 2 to 3 drops of Hydrochloric acid in a glass of drinking water during every meals. Aloe vera gel taken three to four times a day should normalize some COPD issues, at least allow some regeneration from burnt lungs caused by emphysema. Ideally, a 1 teaspoon a day of aloe vera oil works better if that can be found.

Once a day vitamin E 200 i.u. will reduce the oxygen requirement too. In a drinking water, to help increase oxygen to the cells, one cap of food grade 3% H2O2, in a liter of drinking water. The drinking water is drunk as in any normal water and should help with low oxygen issues. This is just the basic COPD remedies to have some energy and heal some of the damaged lungs.