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Can You Help Me with Chronic Fatigue?

Posted by Ann (Los Angeles, Ca) on 01/21/2012

This message is for ted or anyone who can help. I am now 23 and ever since my early teens I have suffered with extreme fatigue. It is incredibly difficult to get out of bed in the morning and on some days I will sleep all day. It is very difficult for me not to take a nap everyday. And it is hard for me to get motivated to do anything. I am in very good physical shape. I excercise regularly and I eat very healthy and organic food. My doctors in the past have said that I am depressed and that I have ADD and prescribed me welbutrin and then adderol but I have since stopped taking these medications because they did not really help. If there is anything that you can suggest that may help me it would be greatly appreciated. thanks. D

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most teens are deficient in magnesium, the best supplemental form is magnesium chloride. I use 7 drops before meals twice a day, it takes about 3 days to relieve most of the condition. I know, because I had the same problem, unfortunately it was in 1960s when supplements were very difficult to find.


Replied by Shifra


i feel totally exhausted, have for years but now it is worse. I have lyme, am being treated with cold laser, also have parasites and began dr christophers para cleanse. I just got off of all psych meds, was on for 27 and a half years, came off very slowly took 13 years +. been off the last one trazodone, for 37 days.

i see your remedies for cfs but am not sure which to do first, do I first alkalize or try the mag chloride or b vitamins or what. I get rather easily overwhelmed if I take too many things. what do you suggest.

i also have bone spurs in neck, the pain is terrible, I started takeing ezorb with calcium aspartate I think, and am also applying packs with castor oil and baking soda. but so far no luck. any ideas, the pain and exhuastion are driving me nuts.

thank you and please respond.