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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) 385 posts

The formula is simple, take 1/2 or 1 whole freshly squeezed lemon, or lime and add the baking soda until the fizz stops. Then add water to 1/2 glass, then drink this. It should tastes like water. The lemon is an antioxidant and the water your drinking is very close in biological terrain of ORP (oxidation reduction potential) of at least -100. It is more closer to -200, but this will normalize the likely millivolt imbalances in your body.

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Replied by Ashu
Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Hi Ted... Just want to ask u, I am already patient of DVT and my left leg is always swelled. Also I am wearing stocking for day to control the swelling. Please suggest me some home made remedies so that I could get relife from swelling and stocking. Please do reply..."

04/22/2011: Juliet from Alpine, Wyoming, Usa replies: "Remedy: honey cayenne vinegar, and massaging coconut oil with garlic, and coconut oil with lavender --my husband had dvt clot last summer. In order to take down the leg swelling I would very gently massage coconut oil on his legs and toward the heart. Sometimes I would add lavender, or garlic, to the coconut oil, (depending on what I had ready). The herbs seemed to help dilate the swollen veins and tissues quicker than just the coconut oil alone. It was usually about 20-30 minutes of massage (done nightly) before the swelling would go down. He stayed pretty active (when he was not having his leg up). I think it was about two weeks before his leg stopped swelling. (he was also drinking honey cayenne vinegar --at least 1 qt daily.)