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Posted by Luis (Cali, Colombia) on 07/11/2011

Thank you very much, Ted. God bless you. My mother 90-years old was in pain for a week because of a superficial venous thrombosis. She couldn't walk. Then, after drinking 3 glasses of your formula the pain disappeared completely and now we are back to walk together in our daily exercise. I wish you stay doing much good for humanity for many years ahead. You already win the heaven.

I wonder if this remedy is useful as a preventive therapy for superficial and deep venous thrombosis?


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
385 posts

Basically the alkalizing, bromelain, digestive enzymes, and vitamin E, does more than superficial deep vein thrombosis. The blood thickness or viscosity is high leading to blood clots, the remedy will help circulation and basically reduce the blood clots and therefore deep vein thrombosis. They are shaped that way because of blood is too thick and therefore veins get obstructed.


Replied by Cole
Cali, Valle De Cauca, Colombia

Ted wish I had read the remedy Weeks ago. Just got out the the hospital after 8 days. Question is can I take your remedy while still on warafrina. I want off this drug and Clenox as well.

Replied by Cole
Cali, Colombia

Well Ted couldn't wait to see if complications would occur. So I did a Davey D, just good old common sense and pain has gone with in 30 minutes. Let's see what happens as things continue. I ahve an appointment with one of the best Biomedical Dr. S in the world. Dr. Arturo O'Byerne in Cali he is my English student and was out of town when this problem occured. I am anxious for him to get back.

Thanks Ted you saved me from a lot of pain. Leg felt as if were about to expolde like a sausage on the BBQ pit.

Replied by Missmo
Amman, Jo

Hi I just read the posts on DVT and the lemon juice/baking soda cure. Please advise on my situation, my husband, an otherwise healthy 38 year old man, has spent a month in increasing pain in his leg. 1st doctor told him to seea bone specialist. That guy took xray and prescribed antibiotic, saying he had a small non-descript infection.. We waited, hating to take antibiotic unnecessarily, but pain shifted down the leg and worsened. Finally went to cardiologist who ordered ultrasound. Discovered superficial vein thrombosis. My husband can barely walk from pain. It's Day #3 on prescribed meds, HIGH dose antibiotic, a blood thinner, and a medicine to tighten the veins. Realize, my husband's blood tests are normal, he is not a smoker. He hasn't been injured or been on a long flight. Is it necessary for him to keep taking all this stuff? Can he take the lemon juice treatment while on a blod thinner? Can he stop a blood thinner or this vein tightening medicine cold turkey or does he have to slowly reduce dosage? We are not medicine people, and generally pretty scared by the severity of pain my husband's been in. I really really appreciate some advice here. Thank you.

Replied by Prioris
Fl, Usa

The solution for DVT is fairly simple - use nattokinase. It should resolve the pain and problem within a month. Take higher dosage for first couple weeks. Look for my posts on nattokinase by searching earth clinic "+prioris+nattokinase". You will also find a lot of positive anecdotal reports on internet from people.