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Posted by Jim (Vancouver Island) on 07/09/2014

Hi Ted. Long story shortened. Several weeks ago I fell on my L.H. elbow and caused Bursitis. About 2 weeks after that I got my first bout of very painful Phlebitis in my lower R.H. leg (coincidence I don't know). Any how Ted, my question is due to work and time constraints, I will be taking your lemon/baking soda recipe but after research on Earth Clinic I think I would also like to try Blackstrap Molasses and Cayenne as well as ACV. I was wondering if there might be any reason that I shouldn't combine all of this into one (hold your nose) cocktail and down it twice a day. Any feed back will be much appreciated.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

There is no problem to try that. Some people get upset stomach from taking too much cayenne pepper and some blackstap molasses contain sugar. Besides that is ok. Coincidence rarely happens however. Bursitis is fluid buildup but also our ummune system is always low in any accidents as tissue damaged in vulnerable to pathogens as our immune system is lowered because white blood cells go toward your elbows the lower priority legs is being diverted. Ted